Make this New Year Your Best Ever!

**HELP US HELP THE SMALL BUSINESS COMMUNITY (and you get something too of course)**

In a matter of hours many of us went from business as usual to postponing our social plans to completely staying home from our friends and family, our workplaces, and restaurants, with the possibility of many more on the horizon.

Our community at Cr8 Fitness has been incredible as usual, as we brace for the potential of further closures and find new ways to deliver our services to those who are being kept away. It is no exaggeration to say our clients are the most caring, loving and generous human beings around.

We want to help local small businesses and help out those looking to keep fitness in their life during this very disruptive time. ​At a time when many of us are being kept apart, we need to find ways to come together.

Enter: Cr8 Stronger Community.  #suncookvalleystrong

Cr8 Stronger Community is a 21-day nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness program that is completely remote - from your house, no equipment required.

This is available to our Cr8 Fitness members at no charge (just ask) - but we're ready to offer it to the greater community.... here in Epsom and the Suncook Valley as well as ANYWHERE else. You read that right, this is available for anybody to join.

What you get as part of the 21 Day "Cr8 Stronger Community" Challenge:

  • Daily Health & Fitness Lessons.
  • ​Daily Accountability Check-ins - we know you may be trapped at home, with or without little humans, you might need somebody holding you accountable from eating yourself crazy and bingeing on Disney+ Netflix or Hulu.
  • Bodyweight workouts -- you read that right, you don't need access to ANY equipment. If you do have equipment, you can simply add the weights to make the exercises more challenging!
  • Access to the "Cr8 Healthy and Happy Community"
  • You Don't Have To Wait To Get Started. As soon as you sign up you'll get a welcome mail with instructions on the MyCoach app, and the very next day you'll get your first email to start the program. The first day we will provide some resources and links about COVID-19, the second we'll take about "tiny habits", and on day 3 we start practicing those habits. We'll cover sleep, good eating, stress minimization, and much more. You need your health now more than ever!

Here's How It Works:

We understand that everyone is being affected differently by what's going on, so for anyone joining us, the program will be by donation only, with a minimum of $10, and options to donate $25 and $50 as well.

AND we are going to do you one better. Complete the program successfully (it's easy - details below) and you will get back in a gift card the amount that you donate. Donate $10 and you'll get a $10 card. $25 gets you a $25 card. $50 for $50.

You get the drill.

100% of the money (Cr8 Fitness will eat the credit card fees) will be used to support local businesses we know and love who are impacted by COVID-19 restrictions and closures. We will be using the money to purchase gift cards from these local businesses which we will then turn around and give back to the folks in the challenge.

To be eligible to win prizes, you simply need to participate in the 21-Day "Cr8 Stronger Community" challenge. We will track participation by daily check-ins. You read that right, it doesn't matter if you answer "yes" or "no" -- you simply need to answer! We know nobody's perfect, so as long as you answer 18 out of 21 days you'll win!

It's simple, it's easy, and it's all delivered via our Cr8 Fitness MyCoach app.

We are focusing on 3 businesses in particular that have ties to our community, but we will also take further suggestions and write them up on the whiteboard if you have them.

Here's the 3 and why we chose them:

Jack's Pizza, Pittsfield. Jack's is well known for giving back to the community, and their efforts during this time are incredible. They are sponsoring a "Student Snack Program" and literally giving away free lunch to all students, K-12. True story. Monday to Friday from 12pm - 3pm students can choose 1 of 3 "Jack's Pack" and pick it up, and they intend to do it as long as they can. 

If Pizza isn't your thing, you can also choose to have us get your gift card from Subway at the Epsom Traffic Circle. Now before you object that Subway is big business, understand it is a franchise and is owned by Katrina Guida, a local resident who has committed to hire many of our kids in the area and done a lot of good for our local economy. 

Last but not least is a "non-food" choice that has made the tough decision to suspend operations, Chichester Massage, owned and operated by our own Amy Troy. If you know Amy, you know the kind and compassionate professional that she is, committed to supporting our community for many years. After this is over, you KNOW you will want a great massage, I know I will!

You know what else you can do? (I know, I am kinda pushy) 🙂


Share this with everyone you know. The more people who know, the more we can help our community. 

To get started, please complete the form below. The default donation is $10, and you can choose $25 or $50 by clicking the desired option.

Let's work together to Cr8 Stronger Community! #suncookvalleystrong

- Coach Dean