Cr8 Fitness is a happy place where people start as acquaintances and leave as friends. We work hard at our physical bodies staying healthy. While being healthy is about what you can and can’t do it is also about you do and do not eat as well as how much. In other words to be healthy you need to move and eat well. Crocktober Fest is a fun way to add healthy into busy people lives.

  • Don't let the name scare you away! Crocktober Fest is all about healthy eating done in a crockpot (or instant pot) I'm excited about this challenge as it's focus is using a particular kitchen tool rather than focusing on a particular plan of eating. Don't get me wrong, we'll be passing out healthy recipes they'll just use your crockpot to create them. Fall seems like the perfect time to have a meal cooking all day long so your house smells yummy when you walk in the door from work. 
  • Don't let the crockpot scare you either. Many of you have converted to an instant pot and these recipes are easily adapted for it. In fact some of the recipes come with adaptions for stove or oven use. 
  • And you can't be scared by the price because it is FREE. 

Crocktober Fest starts on Monday, October 4th. Even though it is free I will need you to do something for me please. I need you to sign up for the challenge. You can do that down below. Hold on there are a few more things you should know before signing up. 

  • Your goal each week is to make one recipe from the Crocktober Fest Cookbook using your Crockpot or Instant Pot. Then snap a picture of your meal either while you are prepping it, while it is cooking, or just before you serve it. Post it to our Facebook group
  • They'll be some bonus challenges to complete along the way too
  • We'll be using Coach Catalyst to help us stay on track, give us focus and also a tool to challenge our thinking. Its simple once you know how to use it. (and I can show you how)
  • The Crocktober Fest Recipe Book has over 25 recipes in it and you'll be adding more I promise. The only way to get his Recipe book is to sign up.
  • Mark your calendar for October 27th. It's the last day of Crocktober Fest. We'll each be bringing a meal made in our crockpot or instant pot to share with others. It'll be like a Friendsgiving Party. 5:30pm at Cr8 Fitness

  • Invite friends and family to do the Crocktober Fest with you. They'll help you with some of the bonus challenges. You do not need to be a member at Cr8 Fitness to join in.

I think I have covered the details. Remember its Free, It starts Monday, Invite others, and its the only way to get the cookbook. Oh and we'll be having a party on the last day, October 27th. 

Lets get this show on the road by signing up now.

Coach Nancy


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