Get Ready To Do All The Summer Activities You Love!

The Memorial Day Meltdown is designed to get YOU summer ready.

Feel Energized

Fit better into Your Clothes

Gain Self Confidence

Feel Like Yourself Again

Every week I meet people who are struggling to find a solution to one of their biggest problems...

... they aren't happy with their body or their fitness.
But it goes deeper than that. It's often a host of problems:

  • They're 10 pounds heavier than they want to be
  • They don't feel confident anymore
  • They lack that energy and vitality they once had
  • They're no longer fit enough to enjoy their favorite summer activities

 why You Should Do the Memorial Day Meltdown Challenge?

After a year or more of being in Lock Down mode, you want to look and  feel fit again to do all our Summer Activities.  This Challenge has all the Done for You features to make it easy.

28 Days of Meal Plans

Each day every meal is laid out for you. No guessing, just eat according to the plan.

All the Recipes you need plus more

Along with the Meal Plans you'll have a Recipe book filled with over 60 recipes. 

Dining Out Guide

Having a plan in place before leaving home will usher in more success once you get to the restaurant.

Memorial Day Meltdown Manual

Starting with the basics and moving to making the plan work for you with all the unique things that make up your life. 

Goal Setting 

Having a goal in mind before you start is one piece of the plan. Then sharing that goal with me, your coach, will give you the accountability that will help motivate you to that goal and beyond.

Coach Catalyst

Daily inspiration and motivation are delivered to you inbox every morning. This is also where you can see how you are doing on the Memorial Day Meltdown plan. 

Memorial Day Meltdown

Americans celebrate Memorial Day in a diverse number of ways. There are those who visit memorials, and volunteers who place American flags on graves. Many families and friends often celebrate with picnics and barbecues, while others simply take the day to relax.

Memorial Day is, after all, the unofficial beginning of the summer!

It's the day people kick off their summer adventures hiking, biking and boating in shorts, tank tops, and swimwear with friends and family. It's the kickoff for this challenge too. We want to be fit enough to do the fun summer activities yet again this year.

You know how so many women (people) over the age of 40 think that life is passing them by? No energy, nagging health issues, maybe carrying a few extra pounds? I am a fitness and nutrition coach that helps people get over all that and enjoying their life again. I am a Mom of 6, proud to be working along side my husband, Dean. I am the Co-Owner of Cr8 Fitness, and Cr8ive Gardens, and a PN2 Master Nutrition Coach.

Coach Nancy

A few words from Our Clients

Thank you Nancy for allowing me the chance to join this wonderful journey!!!

Just finished Nancy’s 6 week challenge to help with weight and fat loss. I can’t say enough good about how well Nancy does putting these programs together. I loss weight and fat but gained so much knowledge. 

Holly  - stay at home Mom

This is 100% more

It is a lifestyle. The knowledge, support, and the training you get is priceless.

Donna  - retired

I'll need to make a plan

It’s the in between times when I struggle. I’m trying to let go of the snacks and I’ve had a lot of success This week was the best week so far.

Lucille - Teacher

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Memorial Day Meltdown Challenge 2021

What Makes Us Different

After a year or more of being in Lock Down mode, you want to look and feel fit again to do all our Summer Activities.  The Memorial Day Meltdown Challenge has all the Done for You features to make getting fit easier. Our 28 Day challenge is more than just the materials. Your registration gets you into the group and gives you access to a coach to help you each step of the way.


After being in shut down mode for over a year, we all need to work on our health. Being involved with a community of others to get healthier will drive your results even further. Being able to enjoy this summer as your Best Summer Ever.

Done for you materials

Everything is already put together. Meal Plans, Grocery lists, daily focal points, a Facebook community, Eating out guide, Goal setting sheet, All the recipes for this challenge, a challenge manual, and the accountability from your coach: this is a follow along plan to get you summer ready. 

 A group to belong too

Doing anything alone is hard. Weight loss is doesn't have to be hard. When you have a coach to lean into, support from others, and a plan that is tried, you'll have an easier time.

What Our Clients are saying

As of this morning down 9 pounds

My focus for next week is to keep on track and cut that dessert back. Happy to be back eating right and working out.

Sarah - Mom

Something is happening, I'll take it.

In 7 days I've lost 1.4 #, muscle mass up .4, body fat down 1.4.I'm headed in the right direction.

Lisa - Works in an Office

Thanks for the focus

Working on the water!!! It is still not where I want it but it is increasing!!!

Laurie - retired

Memorial Day Meltdown Challenge 2021

Take the Next Steps to a Healthier Summer


Dates to Know
  • The challenge starts on May 28th. You'll need to be signed up by May 26th. 
  •  Your first scan can be done as soon as you sign up. Registration opens May 10th. The earlier you sign up the earlier you can scan. First scan has to be completed by June 2nd.
  •  Final scan has to be completed by June 30th. The challenge officially ends on June 26th. Prizes will be awarded on July1st. 


Prizes - We have Real Prizes
  • Everyone is a winner. Corny but true. I can't put a price tag on your health. 
  • This challenge has more ways to be a winner. There are 5 Grand prizes.   
  • The top 15 people with the highest amount of body fat percentage lost will be entered into a raffle for the 5 prizes. 


And they all lived happily ever after
  • Losing weight is amazing. Dropping body fat will get you healthier. I know healthier will make you happier.
  • Sing up today. Start gaining better health to enjoy the summer even more.
  • The community of people that you'll be working alongside is incredible. As your coach I'll do all I can to help you succeed. 

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