Make this New Year Your Best Ever!

Stop Dieting. Start Living.

Are You Frustrated With Your Fat Loss Because You Feel Like You Know What To Do, But Just Can’t Seem To Get Out Of Your Own Way?

  • Are you tired of eating "rabbit food"?
  • Of being hungry all the time, with low energy?
  • Of trying to follow a complicated plan that makes you measure, or count?
  • Of losing some weight, only to gain it back, and them some?

Hi, I'm Dean, and this is my wife and supercoach Nancy. We have been where you are (I have lost nearly 100 pounds) and we are ready to show you how to make weight loss easier and in a way that fits your busy lifestyle.

You don't have to try to live on Bunny Food, Starve Yourself, or follow Complicated Plans

My decision to become a nutrition coach and trainer began through my own journey to good health and fitness. I was actually too thin in high school, even though I ate the typical teenage diet of fast food and candy bars. The thing that saved me then was playing sports, which kept me reasonably fit. My tour in the Army did the same.

It was after the Army that I ballooned to over 260 pounds (I actually stopped stepping on the scale, but my pants size was still rising). My blood sugar was too high and I was out of energy all the time; the classic symptoms of being overweight and unhealthy. It wasn't until our family very unexpectedly starting growing again (a long but fun story) that I realized if I didn't get off the couch and get serious about my health, I wasn't going to be able to keep up with the kids at best, or not be around at worst.

It's never too late to take action! Nancy and I had our first two kids by the time we were twenty, and didn't plan on having any more. Surprise! We were 35 when we started having the first of an additional 4 more children (told you it was a fun story), and I didn't get serious about my health until a couple years after that.

So I started looking for a solution. I wanted to lose weight, sure. But I also wanted to live life and not have to do a bunch of crazy, unhealthy things to get there.

I was stuck, with no idea what to do to lose weight and then keep it off.

Ever felt that way? You pick up the latest diet book, or search the "Google Monster" for "diet" or "healthy eating" only to be smacked upside the head with millions of results, all which seemingly contradict one another?

You know it and I know it. Diets don't work, at least in the long term. Sure you might lose some weight, maybe even quite a bit of weight, but if you are anything like me it always comes back on, eventually.

I was a classic yo-you dieter, and ended up with a pretty lousy metabolism to show for it. It wasn't that I wasn't trying, I tried really hard. That's why it can be so discouraging when we don't get lasting results.

When in doubt, do it the Hard Way?

Ever been on a diet that made you count calories, or stick to certain kinds of food all the time? Eat "x" amount of grams of this, or "y"amount of calories of that? Even though I am kind of a math geek, that gets old really fast. I don't want to have to carry a calculator or food scale when I go out to eat!

The Danger of Yo-Yo Dieting

I made a classic mistake when I first starting trying to lose weight. I ate too few calories in an attempt to lose weight faster, and my exercise program didn't have enough strength training.

That is a big no-no, because you actually lose lean muscle, which is what fuels your metabolism. When you start eating normally again you usually wind up with more bodyfat than before. And then the cycle starts all over again. BOO!

​Don't be intimidated by the term "strength training" - you won't get big and bulky lifting weights, and there are so many cool tools you can use to help you get lean and toned. Of course there is nothing wrong with a good old fashioned barbell if that's what you like too! The best exercise program? The one you will actually do!

So there I was, tasting a little success here and there, but never really getting over the mountain. Fortunately I am really stubborn (ask Nancy), and figured if someone else could achieve permanent weight loss, I could too. I was reminded of one person's definition of insanity - doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.

I just had to do things differently than I had always done them. But what?

I did my research, but the truth is I was very fortunate too

Determined to get off the "diet bandwagon", I came across a video series called "No Nonsense Nutrition" by Dr. John Berardi. Being kind of a no-nonsense guy myself, the name kind of appealed to me. Little did I know that this resource would be the foundation of not only my transformation, but the beginning of a relationship with Dr. Berardi and his company that would allow me to personally help hundreds and influence thousands to lose weight, get lean, and look and feel better.

You see "NNN" didn't tell me what to eat. It taught me how to eat. How to fit what can seem pretty complicated - eating healthy foods in a way that helps you get and stay lean - into my busy life, one step-at-a-time. No magical potions, lotions, supplements or pills. Just real world strategies taught by world class coaches.

Here's What I Learned

  • It's really hard to lose weight by yourself.
    Especially if your significant other isn't on board or is one of those irritating people who can eat anything and never seem to gain a pound. (Hint: It doesn't mean they are healthy)
  • If it's hard, you won't stick with it.
    Life is way too busy for complicated. The easier you make it to incorporate healthy eating skills into your schedule the better. Simplify and win.
  • Building good nutrition skills takes time.
    I had almost 100 pounds to lose, and I wanted it off yesterday. That's why going on the next miracle diet seemed so attractive. But going on and off all those diets just made me fatter and less healthy. Cut it out already!
  • Coaching makes all the difference.
    Lasting change didn't happen for me until I realized I needed some help to reach my goals, and to be taught the skills I needed to make the change permanent. Those skills helped me lose almost 100 pounds, but more importantly keep it off for over a decade. The right coaching really matters.

But Enough About My Story

Now It's Your Turn To Shine

with Precision Nutrition ProCoach

True Story. Diets stink, and for most people they just don't work.

Complicated eating plans, messy points systems, and counting calories just aren't "real world".

Here's what you need instead:

  • 1
    An Expert Personal Coach: When life gets in the way, your coach has your back. Personal advice, support, and accountability from someone who has been there means you never have to go it alone.
  • 2
    Bite Size Daily Practice: It's the small daily actions, practiced consistently over time, that lead to big changes. You'll be challenged to think and build skills, and we'll have plenty of fun on your year long journey.
  • 3
    Online Learning: An interactive platform that measures your progress over time and helps your coach keep up on how you are progressing. Who says learning can't be fun?

What People Are Saying About Our Coaching

I can manage the incremental changes without feeling too stressed out.

I appreciate the little by little approach you are taking with us. I can manage the incremental changes without feeling too stressed out, and I'm slowly shifting to better eating without the panic alarm going off in my brain.

I'm eating so much less than I have been for about a year, and I can see some pounds have slowly dropped as well.

Mary Beth 

I am not on a diet, I am making healthy choices and I feel great.

I called Dean and ask him to talk calories with me. He said 'No, let's talk eating healthy'.

I was dieting and lost 55 lbs. but really didn't know how or what to eat so I would put the weight back on. Now my whole mindset has changed. I am not on a diet, I am making healthy choices and I feel great. I would recommend this program to anybody. I have more energy climbing ladders, jumping in and out of the boat.

Mentally I feel better about myself. My knees, feet and back feel the biggest difference. I am happy, lighter man.

Mike Colby

I can be successful with this.

I can't even fully express the difference it makes to have "permission" to be less than perfect with this process. I have done more than my fair share of starving and bingeing as a result of trying to be the perfect eater. It is unsustainable and makes me miserable. I can be successful at this.

This is a big change for me

Mary Delude

An Investment In Your Health

I know plenty of people who invest in stocks, bonds, real estate and cars, but don't think for one second about investing in their health and well-being. Just like investing in a bank, investing in your health is a long-term game that pays huge dividends down the road, and it will be a lot more fun if you are around and healthy to enjoy it.

Time doesn't stand still. The only COST is waiting one more day to start.

Precision Nutrition ProCoach:  12 Monthly Payments of $127

** SAVE 20% with single pay option: $1197

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Get Ready To Tell Your Success Story

“I have learned so much about my relationship with food.”

"Hunger is not an emergency, and waiting to eat until I'm truly hungry helps me to make better choices, eat slower, and really enjoy the taste of my food. I've learned that I am an emotional eater way more than I thought I was....still working on that!

I'm continuing to train myself to make the right choices and when I eat healthy, it's amazing how much better I feel and function, both physically and emotionally."

Deb Peets

“I stayed successful until I was hungry for dinner..."

“Just wanted to thank-you for the good advice. I worked our plan, ran some errands, picked up some groceries, and stayed successful until I was hungry for dinner. Definitely wasn't easy but I got through it. Thanks for everything!”

Jayne Millerick

Nancy Carlson
Pn2 ProCoach

About Coach Nancy

Getting started is most often the challenging part of losing weight and staying fit. Life is busy, and setting time aside to "eat healthy" is simply one more thing to add to the list.

As a mom of six, with a high maintenance husband (you read the story 🙂 I have this challenge as well. To be honest, I am a work in progress. I believe this is part of what makes a good trainer – the ability to relate to clients.

My passion is teaching and coaching others to think big and reach high. It takes work – hard work – but I am committed to helping you reach your fitness and weight loss goals and getting in the best shape of your life!

I know what you are thinking

You have tried a million "diets" and they just haven't stuck. What makes you think this will be any different? And you are sick of not getting lasting results.

That question hits the nail on the head, and different is the key word. You need guidance, not another fancy plan. Someone who can help you figure out what to do next, especially when you get stuck. Someone you can talk to and will provide accountability.

That's the power of coaching. That's the ProCoach difference.

Is Skill Coaching Right For You?

There is no "one-size-fits-all" solution, and we recognize ProCoach is not for everyone. Our desire is you be successful in reaching your goals and sustaining your progress. We want to make sure you know what you are getting into and are prepared to do what it takes to make lasting change.

Here's What You Get

  • A structured year-long program that guides you to mastering your nutrition habits.
  • An expert coach to support you, give you feedback, and make adjustments to your program in order to keep you moving forward and making progress.
  • Strategic daily nutrition practices that meet you where you are and keep you accountable.
  • An online progress tracker that helps both you and your personal coach verify progress and adjust if needed.
  • Real Results. If after completing the program you aren't happy, we will give you a full refund.

Here's What You Don't

  • A quick-fix "lose 30 pounds in 90 days" promise that leaves you less healthy than when you started.
  • A "guru" who thinks they have all those answers, but can't help you work through your the daily challenges life throws your way, and tells you to "try harder".
  • A rigid "diet" that relies on rules, special foods, and strict compliance to make progress.
  • A DVD, book, or online program that makes you figure it all out by yourself, and if you can't, you are stuck.
  • Empty Promises. If I only had a dollar for everytime someone told me that this diet, or pill, or shake plan was the solution!

Imagine Yourself One Year From Today

  • You look in the mirror and lo​ve what you see
  • You have newfound confidence that you are capable of maintaining your new lifestyle because you have the skills you need
  • You have more energy and look and feel great
  • You are proud that you are setting a healthy example to your family and friends, and are helping them get healthy too

If a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, now is always the best time to take that step. We look forward to being part of the adventure. Take Action Today.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you aren't happy upon completing the program, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. Simple as that.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will ProCoach work for me?

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P.S. Healthy, sustainable weight-loss is not easy, but it is achievable. My passion is coaching people just like you get off the diets and start living life. It takes commitment, and yes, hard work, but we are there every step of the way. I look forward to talking to you soon as we begin this adventure together!

Yes, I want to start getting healthier and losing fat now!