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"Sugar Free Me" is for those who want to turn the dial up on their health through the foods you eat (or don't eat).

Are you ready? This is not going to be for everyone.

Sugar Free ME will help you to improve your health. Along the way you can lose weight, gain energy, and feel better about yourself. It is easier when you have a coach alongside you instead of struggling to eat better on your own. I'm here for you. 

Coach Nancy
Daily Meal Planning Sheets

Having a plan will relieve the stress of what is for your next meal. These sheets make planning easy using the ABC Food Plan.

5 Mini Challenges inside the Big Challenge of Sugar Free Me

The smaller week long challenges will help you take going Sugar Free Me one step at a time.

ABC Food Plan

Creating a meal by choosing a food from each of three columns couldn't get much easier.

A Coach who's involved - That's me

Besides having a love of food, I love talking about food too. Eating (and exercise) can improve your health. I want to help get them both moving in the right direction.

Get The Facts - Over 56+ names for Sugar

Who knew there were so many ways to hide sugar. This list will help you see sugar on products you buy.

Recipes posted daily 

Each day a new recipe will be posted to help with dinners, lunch, breakfast, snacks, and shakes. 

Private Facebook Group

Get the help and encouragement you need when you need it. 


Sugar Free Me will open your eyes to a better healthier way to eat. This 28 Day challenge will help you to turn the dial up on your nutrition while dialing down unwanted calories. Going 100% Sugar Free Me is easier with the 5 Mini Challenges built into the bigger picture of Sugar Free Me. 

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Cr8 Fitness's Sugar FRee ME Challenge

Hi, I'm Coach Nancy

Cr8 Fitness

You know how so many women (people) over the age of 40 think that life is passing them by? No energy, nagging health issues, maybe carrying a few extra pounds? I am a fitness and nutrition coach that helps people get over all that and enjoying their life again. I am a Mom of 6, proud to be working along side my husband, Dean. : Co-Owner of Cr8 Fitness, and PN2 Master Nutrition Coach.


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