Make this New Year Your Best Ever!

  • Sign-Up Begins: Monday August 19, 2019
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  • Challenge Begins: Monday September 16, 2019
  • Challenge Ends: Sunday October 13, 2019

It's no secret that summer flies by here in New England, and this summer is no exception. Seems like the kids just got out of school, and now they are heading back!

And while we don't want to see Summer slip away, I am looking forward to the cool, crisp autumn evenings that are headed our way.

So let's make the best of it all and just recommit ourselves to our fitness program and healthy eating, so we can get and stay healthy and look and feel our best.

If that sounds good, you'll want to stay tuned to your inbox on Monday August 19th.


Because that's when we open registration for our 2019 Fall Fat Loss 28-Day Challenge!

And if you are reading this email, we are offering this challenge to you at no monetary cost. (HInt: that means it's FREE 🙂

So what's it all about?

For 28 days starting Monday Sept. 16th we are going to dig into the monster that is Emotional Eating (EE).

And we aren't going to do it with a bunch of "Don't". Don't do this, don't do that. Don't eat this, etc.

Instead we are going to take a ProActive and positive approach, and practice 4 Practical Ways to understand EE and build the skills that help when the "EE Monster" sneaks up on us (or just plain knock us upside the head).

Here's what we will be focusing on:

#1) Creating Awareness. Most of us who think we eat "pretty good" are not lying or delusional. We just lose track of what and how much we eat on a regular basis. By keeping a Food Journal we create awareness of what we are eating and when. To take it another step further, we are going to explore how you are feeling when you eat. This is what we really need to know, so we can be prepared. When I EE it's almost always when I am angry. Other "trigger" can be worry, sadness, and even boredom. Knowing is key.

#2) Knowing How To Recognize "Full". The Ninja Tactic we are going to use here is Eating Slowly. Taking enough time to eat has many positive benefits, including the ability to digest better, signalling your brain you are full, and walking away from the table truly satisfied. Make no mistake, this one can be very challenging. Our busy lives just don't seem built for slowing down. But what are we missing when we don't?

#3) Nourished not just "Fed". We are not going to ask you to "cut out" any food and drink during this challenge. We are going to ask you to eat more - Veggies that is. Besides adding vital nutrients and fiber to your diet, vegetable actually "fill up" your real-live stomach faster, contributing to the "full" we are looking for. We will gives you easy ways to prepare veggies, bulk cook veggies, and even 6 Sneaky Ways to eat more.

#4) Hormone Regulation and Decision Making. Don't snooze on this one (yes, groaning is allowed). Research is crystal clear. Lack of sleep will kill your attempts to lose fat. An inability to get enough sleep, particularly REM sleep, has widespread effects on hormone balance, metabolic rate, and besides, you are freaking' cranky! 🙂 Besides the physical harm lack of sleep is causing, the ability to make good decisions (like not eating the WHOLE cake) are a lot harder when you are tired. We will work on some real world Sleep Strategies that will help both quantity and quality of your sleep. 

But, you may be thinking, this is a Fat Loss Challenge. Where's the diet plan? Where's the recipes? Where's my binky?!!!!

I am semi-serious about that last one, because for a lot of us the diet plan and recipes ARE our binky (baby pacifier, in case you were wondering). And while plans and recipes can be helpful, working on the "Big 4" described above, building those skills, is key to making virtually any nutrition plan even better. Why? Because then you are equipped when the plan goes off the rails, which it will.

4 Week. 4 Skills. 4 Ways to tackle EE.

Here's what happens when you fill out your registration form:

1) You will receive a confirmation and "thank-you" email from us.

2) You will receive an invitation to the challenge via "Coach Catalyst". This is the amazing software we use for our daily "skill building" lessons and check-in's.

3) You will receive an invitation to our Private Facebook "Fall Fat Loss Challenge" Facebook group, where you can get your questions answered and the help you need from your coaches and peers. 

4) On Monday September 16th you will start receiving your daily lesson and habit "check-in'. Every day you will be asked if how you did on your task for the day before. For example in Week 1 the question is "Did You Keep Your Food Journal Yesterday", and you simply respond Yes or No. We aren't looking for perfect, but every "Yes" is one step closer to where you want to get.

  • Sign-Up Begins: Monday August 19, 2019
  • Sign-Up Ends: Tuesday September 10, 2019
  • Challenge Begins: Monday September 16, 2019
  • Challenge Ends: Sunday October 13, 2019

Welcome to the Fall Fat Loss 28-Day Challenge! Please fill out your registration details below.