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Are you frustrated with that extra weight slowly creeping onto your waistline year after year?
You’ve probably tried to lose weight on your own, but with all your other responsibilities, you've struggled to find the time and motivation to consistently workout and eat right.
But don’t worry. It’s not your fault.
As a mom of six, I have this challenge as well. To be honest, I am a work in progress. I believe this is part of what makes a good trainer – the ability to relate to clients. I truly understand the need to integrate an exercise program into a busy lifestyle without neglecting other responsibilities.

And over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of busy parents and professionals who struggled with not having enough time to workout, until they came to us and discovered our formula to lose weight in a safe, supportive environment.

And now I’ve finally put together the perfect combination of training, nutrition, and accountability for busy people.
And we are going to prove it to you with a FREE 2-WEEK TRYOUT
With your 2-Week Tryout you will:
• Have more energy to run your life (not let your life run you)
• Get measurable, tangible results (not just hop on the treadmill and hope)
• Feel motivated and enjoy working out with our fun, supportive community
• Leave your training feeling healthier and more energetic than you came
• Stop dieting and develop eating and training habits that will last a lifetime
• Build strength and flexibility to take on all your favorite activities

But don't take my word for it, check out some of our success stories below.

To Your Success,
Dean & Nancy Carlson
Owners, Cr8 Fitness

Here's what you get with YOUR

2-Week FREE Tryout:

• Flexible Training Schedule
• Professional Coaching & Accountability
• Supportive Community
• Monthly Healthy Eating Workshops
• Body Composition Testing with ​InBody570

Now, imagine yourself in just a couple weeks...

You look in the mirror and you are proud & confident...

- Proud of how you look AND feel...

- Confident that you can set a healthy example for your family...

- Proud of all your hard work...

- Confident that you've finally found the program to make this a lifestyle change...

But every long term change starts with a single decision, so take action today:

We are a private gym who wants to give each client the attention they need to reach their goals, so space in this special program is limited.

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Imagine how you'll feel just a couple weeks from now when you look in the mirror and see your body transforming...

Here's What You Can Expect with Your FREE 2-Week Tryout

Have More Energy All Day Long

You will have more energy to run your life, not let your life run you. Getting off the couch is a lot of fun!

Measurable & Tangible Results

You will have a coach measuring and guiding your progress, so you won't have to just hop on the treadmill and hope.

Fun & Supportive Community

You will become a part of a supportive community that makes your workout the best part of your day.

Build Strength

You will build strength and flexibility to tackle all your favorite activities.

Build Healthy Nutrition Habits

You will learn stop dieting and develop sustainable eating and training lifestyle habits.

Prevent Injury

You will leave your workouts feeling more refreshed and energetic than when you came.

Here's What You Get with Your Free 2-Week Tryout

• A Values Based Program, Where...

We Put Family First 

We Practice What We Preach 

We Take Pride In All Our Work 

We Actively Create Happy

• Flexible Training Schedule

• Professional Coaching 

• Supportive Community

• Monthly Healthy Eating Workshops

• Accountability

• Body Composition Testing with InBody 570

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“Throughout my whole life, I’ve always suffered with weight and the ability to eat healthy. One day, I decided to take charge of my life, however, not in the healthiest of ways. I chose to not eat, seeing that was the reason of my weight problems/esteem issues. In my twisted mind, I thought I was doing an amazing job along with losing about 55 pounds in about four months. I should’ve been happy, but I was striving to always lose more or wasn’t happy how different areas of my body looked. As life got in the way, and as most people told me, you’ll gain it all back and I did. That brought on new discouragement. In the next few years, I battled with eating habits and becoming obsessed with everything I did/didn’t eat and doing 2-3 hour work outs at the gym. It would get so bad, no one wanted to eat around me due to my criticizing every ounce of food that I’d ingest and couldn’t keep up with my crazy gym obsession. I was going down a scary path and didn’t know how to pull myself out of this turmoil.

That’s when my now-husband came into play. He pulled me out of this vicious cycle I’ve put myself through for years and put me back on focus, to the point, I weighed almost 200 pounds. I started falling into the same patterns. This time though, I wanted to change, this is when I decided to speak with my doctor, and to my surprise  I’d been suffering from depression and anxiety. It explained all the negativity about weight, my micromanaging  myself, and my food intake. After some hard work, I started to feel like myself and found that I enjoyed working out. However, I wasn’t looking to spend 3 hours at the gym, where you see girls wearing makeup and doing their hair BEFORE working out. I sat down determined to find a different way to get myself healthy and back into shape. That’s when I found Coach Nancy.

As I filled out the forms, I was half excited and half anxious, as probably any new comer feels. I walked into my first class scared out of my mind. Everyone was so welcoming and I felt like I actually got support from others along with my coach (Thank you Nancy). I can tell you the first two weeks, I couldn’t wait to go home and call my fiancé, who was on deployment, about how amazing this place truly is. I was sore everyday, and shy, at first (I know some of you have a hard time believing that now). I was a sponge, absorbing everything insight, including how to eat properly. I also found out that a lot of my own workouts were either done incorrectly, or harming myself.
I now proudly announce I’ve been training here for two and half years. I was taught how to get proper nutrition and how to safely work out without causing more harm to myself. I don’t get proud of myself very often, however, I am proud of myself for pushing through the mental and physical struggles and eventually overcoming them. Even when I fell on my knee while at home at the beginning of this year, I didn’t let my injury keep me from the gym. I hobbled my way through the gym with crutches and refused to let people help me as I dragged weights on the floor, until Nancy gave me the stare down. I may struggle with a little weight gain here or there, however I proudly can say, that I am okay with it. As a kid, my father always said to me, “Can’t means won’t”, and I never truly understood that meaning until I’m staring at the pull up bar, or starting a 5K.

I can’t thank all the coaches enough for helping me to push myself and especially Nancy, who has always held me accountable on showing up and making sure I push myself each work out. Also, thank you to all my fellow training partners. You all are true inspirations and I have been so blessed and honored to have met all of you."

Shannon C. 

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