YOU 2.0 in 2021

Be a better, healthier version of you!

Lifelong results come from taking small, sustainable steps. The goal is simple; once this challenge is finished, you can choose one or two of these ideas and continue with them beyond these 6 weeks. 

Here is what YOU Receive

YOU 2.0 in 2021 starts on January 29th and goes through March 14th. You'll have access to all the resources as soon as you register. 

Printable Resources

  • Challenge Guidelines full of all the what to do (and what won't be helpful 
  • Meal Planning Guide = tips to getting your plan to actually work
  • Bulk Cooking Guide = when and what to do ahead of time
  • Super Shake Guide = 6 Steps to makings Shakes super. :)
  • Restaurant Guide = If you choose to eat out, here's the best way to stay compliant to the challenge

24/7 access to help

Each morning throughout this challenge, you will receive a notification to remind you to check-in. Also included is a daily lesson focusing on one aspect of nutrition or wellbeing to help you along the way.

Meeting in person isn't for everyone right now. Our private Facebook group allows you to get questions answered and to support each other along the way. group allows us to stay connected and gives us help when we need it. You'll want to join as soon as you complete your registration. 

Over 40 Recipes to Help You Stay Compliant

With your registration for "YOU 2.0 " your Challenge Guidelines will be delivered to your inbox. Inside is 12 recipes to get your started. There are 30 more you'll be receiving throughout the challenge in Coach Catalyst.

  • dinner recipes
  • snacks
  • breakfasts
  • side dishes
  • and more

Coach Accountability

Hey, here's the human side to this challenge.        I supply you with:

  • All the do's and don't's 
  • Give you recipes galore
  • Pass on tips and secrets I've learned
  • Invite you to participate in the group conversations on FB
  • and more

**** Plus there isn't a substitute for talking to a real human who's been there and done that. I'm here for you.  

It has been awesome. I feel great. I have broken the 170 mark from 178 and am at 169. It has been 8-9 lbs that I have played with for months - maybe years.” - Laurie

Maximizing this Challenge 

Here’s how to get the most from this challenge:

• Read the daily lessons — The daily focus time and the challenge guide will tell you everything you need to know.

• Take action — It is easy to sign up for a challenge and not do

anything. Make this time different. Keep showing up for the challenge.

• Facebook — Join the challenge and interact with the everyone else on the Facebook group.

• Better together — Tell your friends and do this together.

Here's all the Details

The nitty gritty about the challenge. 

  • We all start on January 29 and you'll need to sign up by January 27th so you can be ready to take action.
  • YOU 2.0 is 6 weeks long so our last day is March 14th.
  • We'll supply you with the materials. You supply the determination to go all the way to the end.
  • There is a prize. To qualify you'll need to do an InBody scan by Saturday January 30th and a second one by Tuesday March 16th.
  • After 6 weeks the person with the highest percentage of Body Fat lost determined by their 2 scans will win a Full Week of Dinner Meals for 4, Ready to Eat, prepared by Coach Nancy!

What Others Say


I needed a focus to try to gain some control back. It has been a challenging year and a half for several reasons. This challenge came along at the right time. The program was easy to follow, not overwhelming . The design was such that it allowed me to make small changes and then build on those new skills. This kept me in the present, not looking ahead; just looking at today. The group page was vital for a feeling of support. I wasn’t alone... obviously not with all the great results that were achieved!

Thank you for all that you do! You make such a difference



I really needed something to shut down my intake valve. I have reigned it in and feel pretty good. I lost about 6 pounds which feels great!



This was a good reset for me, helping me get back on track. I also wanted to see how stress and sugar interacted in my life. Could I deal with the stress without reaching for the sugar. And if I could, what would that look like? Would I be able to redirect my choices?

Moving forward I know the most difficult parts of staying sugar free for me are morning coffee and stress.


"YOU 2.0 in 2021" Starts January 29th 

Deadline to sign up is Wednesday January 27th. There are a few things to do before then so don't wait until the last minute (you know who I'm talking about!) The Winner receives a week of delicious Dinner Meals for 4, Ready To Eat, prepared by Coach Nancy. 

Nancy Carlson

You know how so many women (people) over the age of 40 think that life is passing them by? No energy, nagging health issues, maybe carrying a few extra pounds? I am a fitness and nutrition coach that helps people get over all that and enjoying their life again. I am a Mom of 6, proud to be working along side my husband, Dean: Co-Owner of Cr8 Fitness and
Cr8tive Gardens. I am a PN2 Master Nutrition Coach.

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