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Turn your Happy and Healthy On by Learning to Eat Well, Exercise Smart and Enjoy Your Best Life.


Eat Well

Your body is awesome. Superhero Awesome. When you feed it what it needs, you build healthy cells and a metabolism that wants to get rid of excess body fat. Our PN Certified Master Nutrition Coaches will help you build the nutrition skills you need to lose that first 10 pounds and more!

Exercise Smart

You aren't 16 anymore, and that's ok. Just because you aren't a kid doesn't mean you have to give up on moving, feeling, looking, and maybe even acting like one! Smart Group training is world class fitness coaching designed to help you stay safe and injury free on your journey to superhero strong and fit.

The best part? We have a blast doing it!

Enjoy Life

There's something about getting healthier that just automagically helps you be happier. Exercise, nutrition, stress management, great sleep and fun activities are all a part of living and enjoying your best life. Keep up to date on all the best health and lifestyle tips!

I'll be honest. I needed to lose weight and get healthy or I was facing serious trouble. My doctor had given me 3 months to get it together , or I was going on medications of all kinds. I got started because I was basically sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I was out of time. I didn't start for "social" reasons. There was no motivation in that for me. I was there to get a ​job done, with specific goals in mind. I had experienced success in fitness in the past, but never understood the nutrition end of things. I had a lot of it backwards.

Along the way it has been wonderful to connect with so many like minded people, and to learn from others. I've also made friends and contacts with so many people. I learn from every story, and each success as well as each struggle. That is what makes Get Fit NH unique. Thank you for helping me with my goals. I'm a better Mom, wife, and employee, and person. Keep making it happen we all need you!

Cara Wiley


Your Success Plan

Fitting exercise into your already crazy busy life might seem impossible, but not when you have a plan. Here's what you need to do to get started on your fitness superhero journey. Next Steps:

  • Fill out the registration and health history form.
  • Attend your fitness assessment and "First 10" coaching session.
  • Get your calendar setup with your training times and dates.
  • Show up and get the party started. You can do this!

Your Results

More Energy!
Less Pain!
Get Stronger!

Fitness and Nutrition Coaching That Works WITH Your Busy Life

The best part of joining the Cr8 Fitness Family is you aren't all by yourself, stuck in an endless cycle of trying to figuring it all out, and left thinking nothing works for you. We got your back, every time.





You Deserve Healthy and Happy

Getting in shape doesn't have to be boring and painful. In fact it shouldn't be! If you aren't having fun and getting results, chances are you won't stick with it very long. Getting that first pushup or chinup, losing that first 5 or 10 pounds, having your friends keep you accountable and cheering you on - that's what keep you coming back for more, just like Amanda and Michelle.

Our Legacy:

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