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Smart Group Training (SGT) is what makes Cr8 Fitness different from "The Gym"

SGT is a Training System that provides the components you need to lose fat, get lean, and look and feel great. We work with you every step of the way to make sure you are safe, the training is effective, and you are having fun!

Anytime you are in our training you are under the watchful eye and skilled instruction of your coach. They are ready and able to personalize your training, keep you accountable, help with injury prevention and resolution, and make sure you are getting exactly what you need to succeed.

Meet Your Coaches

We want to welcome you to the Cr8 Fitness Family! We look forward to seeing you come in and make your day better, your body healthier, and your life happier through health and fitness.

Coach Nancy

As a mom of six, working alongside my husband, (Coach Dean) I am challenged by the distractions of a busy life. I am a work in progress. I believe this is part of what makes a good trainer – the ability to relate to other busy people striving to fit it all in.

Coach Dean

What makes a good physical preparation coach? A passion for helping people train, not only their bodies, but also their minds. I have a deep desire to help people break out of perceived limitations and achieve their goals.

Questions and Answers

Do I have to be in shape before joining?

That mindset is what we call "getting ready to get ready", and it's probably the biggest reason people never get started. We meet every client who walks through the door right where they are, and give them what they need to succeed.

What if I have a bad back or sore knees?

Welcome to the club! Kidding aside, we take pain seriously, and understand how to train you safely and appropriately. We coordinate whenever necessary and possible with your physician and/or physical therapist to give you the best care possible and make sure we are all working together for your best outcome. 

What if I can't make my normal training time?

We are as flexible as possible to allow you to train when you can. Just let us know ahead of time and we will confirm a slot is open. You can also access the daily training on video.

How many days a week do you recommend training?

We offer 2 day and 4 week memberships, and we work with you to find out which fits your needs best.

Can I come and try a class?

We thought you'd never ask. Simply fill out our Registration form, and we will give you your first two weeks of training absolutely free!

Jill Metcalf
Jill Metcalf
I love going to this gym! Nancy is a fantastic coach always giving suggestions and encouragement. I had back issues when I started and she has helped me to get strong and now I have no issues!
Alex Noordergraaf
Alex Noordergraaf
Coach Nancy and the boot camp programs she, and her husband Coach Dean, develops are fabulous. My wife and I both go to Cr8 Fitness and enjoy starting out our days with not only a great workout but also great camaraderie at the 6:15am class. The workouts are never the same and Coach Nancy makes sure to exercise different muscle groups. This year I have tried out some new sports and the strength Coach Nancy and Cr8 Fitness have helped me obtain was instrumental in my ability to enjoy and out-perform others who were significantly younger than myself. My wife and I have been been training with Coach Nancy and Coach Dean on and off for over a decade. In 2023 we got back to regular attendance and show corresponding improvements. Coach Nancy and Coach Dean are thoughtful, caring, and deeply knowledgeable. We highly recommend Cr8 Fitness NH to anyone looking to take better care of themselves!
Kim Nine
Kim Nine
LOVE COACH Nancy!!! Extremely helpful! Available! Kind and challenging!!
Kelly Paquette
Kelly Paquette
Cr8 Fitness is awesome! Nancy is incredibly knowledgeable and even though you're in a class, you feel like it's personalized training. She doesn't hesitate to make suggestions for you and adapts to your needs, strengths and weaknesses. Highly recommend it for anyone at any level who wants to improve their health!
Jennifer Ruffing
Jennifer Ruffing
This might as well be individual training! Nancy Carlson knows how to train and adjust training for every person in the class while we become more fit every day.
Crystal Marston
Crystal Marston
The best gym around! Coach Nancy and your classmates will keep you moving!
Roni Russell
Roni Russell
Very friendly atmosphere

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