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I have heard it said that “Showing up is half the battle”, and while that may be true you still have to do something once you get there to achieve victory. You can have plans out the wazoo, but if you don’t implement them, you aren’t going to get very far. I was reminded of this as Dean and I get ready

Life Is More Than Showing Up

I mean that in the literal sense – when you set a goal, do you measure to see if you are reaching it? There’s a saying “What get measured gets done”. When a client comes to me expressing frustration about lack of progress, asking advice about what to change in their nutrition plan, I will usually ask

Do You Measure Up?

– Watermelon -Is that to the point enough? And here are some recipes to help you enjoy watermelon even more. Watermelon and Microgreens Salad  Watermelon and Papa Dean’s Microgreens  1 cup watermelon 2 Tablespoons feta cheese 1 large fistful of Papa Dean’s Spicy Mix Microgreens 1 Tablespoon Balsamic Vinegar Lay the greens in your bowl, add the watermelon and cheese, drizzle

Hey Epsom What will You Eat When it Feels a Million Degrees Outside?

“Change is not an event.  It’s a tiny decision made over and over again. Change isn’t once. It’s daily.” – Don Kuhl Improving our lives is a choice. It’s an individual choice. The time, the reason, the motivation, the determination, the path we take to improve is all personal.  Each person has to decide on their

Take a Step Toward Change

The Summer of 2024 is here! At Cr8 Fitness we plan to be Mentally Tough putting in Extra Effort instead of taking the summer off from focussing on our health. The Challenge has been thrown down and accepted. There are three parts to the challenge. Attendance and stepping up on the InBody are self explanatory and

Be Cr8-Tive But Be Mentally Tough with Extra Effort

Summer is such an amazing time of year. It kicks off with school getting out, Fourth of July, family vacations or weekend get-a-ways, and usually by August the heat has caught up to us. I find I am outside, busy, and running nonstop just in a bit different way than through the colder months. I’ve

Mental Toughness, Extra Effort Challenge

It’s your choice Every day you get to choose… Not what happens to you… But how you respond… Attitude makes all the difference… You aren’t always going to succeed to the level of your expectations… So what? That’s Life. Get off the mat and keep working at it… There is no such thing as “failure” when you learn from your mistakes… Now I am not

A Challenge to Make It Happen

The key is not to think about how do you add protein to your plan, the key is understanding protein is your plan. When you plan a meal, start with protein. Healthy fats and carbs are fillers to add after the protein is taken care of. People who don’t eat enough protein are usually one

Eating 20 grams of Protein is Not Tough Once You Know What it Looks Like

Want to play a game? Cr8 Fitness created a board game to add some extra FUN into your day. Here’s how you play the game. Your goal is to complete one task in order each day. Everyone is starting with #1. You’ll move to the next task only after you finish the first one. Each

Let’s Play a Game – Our Game Needs a Name

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