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I just made a batch of Summer Salsa. What does this have to do with Cr8 Fitness turning 15? I’m not quite sure except it helps me get in 5 different veggies in one day. June’s challenge like our other challenges in 2023 include a healthy eating aspect. May’s challenge was to eat 15 different

15/15 Continues in June

A Day in the life of Coach Nancy (Meals, recipes, and portion sizes) Someone recently asked me for what my meals typically look like each day. Here it is the good, the bad, and what I am working on. Is there a magic pill to eating? If there is it must have something to do with

So What Does Coach Nancy Eat?

 15 years ago on May 8th Cr8 Fitness began with one training time each day and 9 people. Fast forward 15 years and we are going strong with 7 different training times a day! Hundreds of people have walked through our doors. We have so much fun that we named Friday- “FUN Friday” This week we

What Does a Party Look Like at Cr8 Fitness?

Cr8 Fitness is turning 15! In the gym we’ve been doing monthly challenges to celebrate being in business for 15 years. We’ve had ski, sled pushing, KB Swings, drinking water to start the day, not eating after our last meal and individual 24 hour goals. In May our challenge is to eat 15 different veggies

40 Ways to Love Your Fruits and Vegetables

May 2023 finds Cr8 Fitness turning 15 years old. I can hardly believe it all started in our backyard with 12 of Dean’s friends. How cool is it that Cr8 Fitness:started with one man’s dreambegan in a recessiongrew to two locationshad over 350 clientssold one location overcame Covid lockdowns our training design is highlighted around the nationcurrently

What Does 15 Years Look like at Cr8 Fitness?

Food shopping can be one of the most arduous tasks that must be performed out side of the home on a regular basis. It can rank right up there with cleaning toilet bowls, taking out the trash, and cleaning up after the dog shredded a newspaper. Do we have to settle for the drudgery or

Secrets of Shopping Success

What does it mean to “eat clean”? I know of two different kinds of “eating clean”: one is to not eat processed foods; but, the other is to reduce food waste and compost which can save money. i.e. using the stem of broccoli for soups and stir-fries’ not throwing it away, making my own bone broth

Clean Eating, I’m not Sure What You Mean By That

Today while discussing our weekend nutrition goals the topic of Overnight Oats came up. Like me a few years ago, I had not heard of these and didn’t know what I was missing. I was missing out on lots. Not only are Overnight Oats a real thing, they are fantastic.Here’s some of the great things

Overnight Oats – Are They a Real Thing? Recipes Please

Many of our clients come to us to lose weight, or more to the point – lose bodyfat. But then if that 5, 10, 15 (or 50, 60…whatever) doesn’t come off in a month, discouragement sets in. When that happens, I usually ask them “How long did it take to get you where you’re at now?” Most of

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