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A few days ago a new person started in the gym. As others introduced themselves, it was encouraging to hear:  “We all had that first day”.  “You’ll probably be sore but come back” “I’ve been here for 6 weeks” “I’ve been here for 9 years” We all had that first day – even your coach.  Let me tell you about my

Everyone Starts Somewhere Even Your Coach

“When you put good things into your body, you will get good things out.”- Coach NancyCr8 Fitness is thrilled to be in business for 15 years. We’re bringing 15 different challenges to you over the course of 12 months. February’s challenge is one of our favorite nutrition challenges from the past. Little Black Dress (you might be

Little Black Dress (Tux and Tie) Project is Around the Corner

Naughty or Nice, Its a decision for Santa but you don’t have to worry what list you’ll be on with these treats. Chris shared her Bon Bon recipe with us a few years ago. I’ve used it many times since.  At Christmas, I wanted to share it with you again. Chris’ Bon Bons2 scoops Rocky Road

Nice, Not a Bit Naughty

Celebrate Our 15th Year in Business with 15 Challenges On May 8, 2008, we ran our first training. 5:00am, under lights we rigged up on a basketball hoop in our yard. I am so grateful for all the wonderful people and amazing relationships built. Today we have over 100 people who show up regularly to

Cr8 Fitness is Turning 15! Come Celebrate With Us

Cancer used to be a word that I had heard of and knew existed but didn’t understand how it feels. I still do not understand all about cancer. I only know now how it makes my heart feel each time I hear that word. I know the feeling deep in my stomach when I hear

Cr8 Awareness: Everyone is Touched by Cancer Fundraiser

I don’t like to lose so when I entered into a Chili Cook Off I needed a winning recipe. It’s so hard to chose what is just right. Choosing a pork based chili might win some extra points for being a bit different than the traditional. Leaving the meat out totally and going with Chili

Chili Recipes for Everyone

Happy Birthday to me recently. I am glad that the amount of years that I have lived, hasn’t been lived in poor health. Coach Dean wrote this article on Proactive Aging. That’s really how I want to live, proactive in my approach to keep myself living.  “I know I am a year older, but I really

My Kids Like to Tease Me that I’m OLD
Be Ready for The Ski Erg Sprints

The 9am Training time is such a fun group. They keep me on my toes with the music, the jokes, and the FUN. Most importantly these ladies are seeing a difference between life before Cr8 Fitness and how they are living now. I’m excited because some of the ladies have been with us for years

What Do Doctors, Disney, and Sleeping Have in Common?

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