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The World SkiErg Sprints is an annual 1000 meter worldwide showdown of SkiErg speed. This event is for everyone! At Cr8 Fitness 38 skiers competed against 2000 other skiers world wide. We showed them that in New Hampshire we ski fast. 19 of our skiers were under the top 80. Here’s a few shout outs to

Hey NH, We Have World Sprints Champions at Cr8 Fitness

Are you over that Thanksgiving Slumber yet? That sickly sweet sugar rush that began before Halloween and seems to continue until after New Years. That happy time of year when all we have been working for goes right out the window, and 7-10 pounds of fat attaches itself to our backside. At least that is

Don’t Take A Holiday From Fat Loss

It’s time to dust off the big roasting pan, heat up the oven, and get down to business. That’s right, I’m talking Turkey! Although most of us associate Thanksgiving with bloated bellies and after dinner coma’s on the sofa, don’t you dare blame it on turkey. Heap your scorn on sweet potatoes, put a smack

Terrific Turkey – It’s Not Just For Thanksgiving

In 2023 Cr8 Fitness has challenged you to drop 15 pounds. We’ve been keeping track and so far there are 19 names on our board. Three of them belong to Betsy. Betsy has been consistent and determined. Along with training in the gym, she’s dialed in her eating to help her reach her goal. Betsy

You’re Inspiring NH Into Better Health, Betsy!

Celebrating 15 years in the Group Personal Training business finds us in the gym and also in the kitchen. Eating nutritionally sound wonderful tasting food while working hard physically in the gym is similar to riding a bike. You need both wheels spinning properly to work best.  In the month of November I am challenging

2 Terrific Stuffed Acorn Squash Recipes

In 2008 when Dean started Cr8 Fitness he never would have been able to foresee the 25 people who have written their names on banners held on the walls of the gym. We often tease, Cr8 Fitness is “The Little Gym in the Woods of Epsom, NH”. Within this small family owned business over 25

Cr8 Fitness’s Walls Have Over 250 Years Experience

Lately I’ve been making our main meals go a bit further using beans. I use them alongside the main dish or sprinkled on salads or in Chilis. Baked beans is typically a side dish when it comes to using beans. I like this recipe as it uses spices and bacon to add the flavor instead

Crockpot Spanish Beans that are Delicious!

Dear Reader,The summer is quickly coming to an end. Particularly for those of us who live in the colder states (ahem…New Hampshire) this means outdoor activity becomes limited, bulky sweaters come out of the closet and many of us eat more than usual to deal with the winter blues. Even if you live in a

No Tricks – Pumpkin Treats

Need some structure when it comes to your meals? I can always use a bit of help, sometimes a lot of help. Especially with the crazy holiday season sneaking up, things can get out of control quickly. Sign up now to join in our Transform in 4 Challenge. Transform your MealTime by adding structure. It”ll save

Gain Some Structure To Your Eating Before the Holidays

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