The Tradition Continues! “Pies OFF Your Thighs” Is Almost Here!

I love holiday traditions, and this is one of my favorite!

I am really excited to experience the energy at Cr8 Fitness this year, as we shake off the post-thanksgiving turkey coma and get back into action. How many people CAN we fit into the gym? Guess we are going to find out.

Join Coach Dean and I at our Annual Thanksgiving training- "Pies Off Your Thighs"; Saturday, November 24th at 8am.

Check out these cool pics from the archives!

We've come a long way in the last 10+ years. We're thankful for each one who has passed through out doors. Let's celebrate!

Bring your water bottle and your energy. We'll help you do the rest.

Pies off Your Thighs

Saturday, November 24th 8am

Cr8 Fitness - Epsom

Come make memories with us.


Side Note: We will be training Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the week of Thanksgiving at all our regular training times. 

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