In 2008 when Dean started Cr8 Fitness he never would have been able to foresee the 25 people who have written their names on banners held on the walls of the gym. We often tease, Cr8 Fitness is "The Little Gym in the Woods of Epsom, NH". Within this small family owned business over 25 people have called it their fitness home for over 10 years. That is 250 years of physical training experience represented by a name permanently hoisted where all can see it. 

Cr8 Fitness opened their doors 15 years ago. Dan has been with us since Day 1 with Brian just three weeks behind Dan's start date. How cool is that? Friendships have developed here. It is not unusual as I talk before training people are mentioning how they went out to dinner with so and so from a different training time. I hear of hikes and trips to the beach and interactions as they drop off their kids at school. Even without their names on the wall yet, they have found a happy place to be at. 

Getting your name on a banner for all to see is an accomplishment. These people deserve recognition. I would say one of the best things you can do to show them a bit of honor is to ask them why they started at Cr8 Fitness and why they stuck with it. They'll tell you something like: "It's hard work", "FUN Friday isn't always my kind of Fun", "I love the people here", and "I like feeling good after training". Underneath it all is determination and dedication mixed with the joy of friends that feel like family.

Here's to the next 25 people earning their name on a banner at Cr8 Fitness.

Thank you for choosing to train with us,

Coach Nancy


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