Digging the Results of March Madness

In my days as a Preschool teacher, March was the month of, "March in like out Lion and our like Lamb". I don't think anyone felt like a fluffy wooly little lamb after our Million Meter Match in March. It felt more like March was a Rip Roaring Lion that didn't let up one bit. We all grabbed this challenge by the handles and skied our lion hearts out. It took each of us working daily to accomplish this. Proud, Proud, Proud! 

Dan didn't take time for this photo shoot, he kept right on skiing. His goal is a Million Meters skiing solo this year. 

A Million Meters is a lot! But just how much did you ski?

1,000,000 meters is like going to Boston and back = 8 1/2 times. 

1,000,000 meters is like crossing Lake Michigan twice. (No need to fear sharks when crossing a lake- just saying)

1,000,000 meters is like driving around Lake Winnipesaukee 10 times on a Sunday. 

Each of these posters represent 50,000 meters skied

One poster represents enough miles to drive to Portsmouth, NH from Cr8 Fitness! 

1,000,000 m is about 20% of the way to San Diego 

Pulling together as a team, we accomplished a mighty task. We did a little every day instead of trying to cram it all into one day. It's this course of action we need to do in our personal lives on a daily basis. Each day doing one task that will, over the course of doing it consistently, will make a magnificent impact on our lives. 

That is my challenge to you. Find one task you can do each day that will improve the quality of your health. Track your progress. See how far you can go!

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

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