Everything’s NOT Awesome

Did you know that  "Everything's NOT Awesome" is a name of a song? Yep, from the Lego Movie 2. There are actually quite a few movies featuring animated lego characters. I'm off track already. Here is what I want to say. The year 2020 wasn't awesome. I don't think anyone is going to argue with that. Here are some of the highlights from my year. 

  • My aunt died
  • My Dad died
  • My sister died
  • Covid Pandemic took over
  • vacations were cancelled
  • Cr8 Fitness wasn't able to be together for more than 2 months.
  • My son's best friend died
  • They tried cancelling Thanksgiving and Christmas

I could scream 2020 was the worst but it wasn't. Here is what I see when I look back over 2020.

  • I spent more time with my family in Indiana than I have since I was married. I was there almost a month in the first 5 months of the year.
  • I was able to spend a week caring for my sister - super special memories
  • I've talked with my mom twice a day since March
  • I was with my sister during hospice
  • The Cr8 Family trained together on Zoom. We figured it out together and found it really can work.
  • My Cr8 Family is a real family in the fun times and when life is hard
  • Christmas was one of the best I can remember, Thanksgiving too
  • And life is precious so don't dismiss it by trying to skip a full year. 

So what does that have to do with "Everything is NOT Awesome" a song from a Lego Movie? My kids got me started on this song because it's catchy and gets stuck inside your head. I often am accused that I always treat life as wonderful and fantastic, kind of like I never have any bad days. That just isn't true. I miss my Dad and Sister more than words express. Having Cr8 Fitness threatened by a virus was stress I didn't know how to tackle. Seeing my son hurt with a hurt I can't fix is miserable. There are two ways to respond: Everything is Hopeless and Bleak or they aren't. I just choose to look at the good and let it define my life. How about you? 

2020 was tough on everyone. Where do you see the good in 2020? Focus on that. And then repeat.  Be known and know others for the good. 

I'm here to see your best,

Coach Nancy

"Just have one good day. Then repeat."

James Clear

A friend sent me this quote today

And just in case you want to hear or see all the words to the song, "Everything's NOT Awesome" you can check it out here.

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