Fat Loss Follow Along Week 2 Is Here!

Last week we started our 2019 "Fall Fat Loss Challenge", and all week we have been creating awareness of our eating habits by keeping a food log. You can catch up on that here. I would urge you to continue to journal/log as we continue onto our next habit/skill practice.

Eat Slowly

Here's this weeks skill and today's lesson:


New Habit: Take 20 Minutes to Eat Each Meal

As always, we are keeping things simple for you right away. However, just because this seems simple does not mean it is going to be easy. Most people don’t pay attention to how much time they spend eating their food. It is time to bring your focus to how quickly you're eating because it is very important step in understanding the cues of our body.

There may be times when you sit down to eat when you are extremely hungry. Do you think you will pause long enough to take your time to eat slowly? Not likely. We are going to teach you why it's important to ALWAYS be mindful of your eating.

There are many health benefits to gain from slowing down your eating:
Better digestion;
Less food consumption;
More quality time with loved ones;
Weight loss;
Experiencing more enjoyment from your food.

We will go more in depth into all of these over the next week, but for now you have a habit to embark on!

Take 20 minutes to eat each meal, starting today. Let’s start making a sustainable change in the way you eat!


Tip: Set a timer or stopwatch, and be purposeful about tracking how long you are actually sitting down and enjoying your food. You may be surprised!

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