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​​If are reading this you are a part of a very special family to Nancy and I. The Epsom facility is home to us, literally. It is where we started Get Fit NH, and it is where we have made a conscious decision to continue bringing world class fitness and coaching to.

Selling the Concord facility was one of the most gut-wrenching decisions I have ever personally had to make. The clients there are near and dear to my heart, many of them training with us for as long as that gym had been open. There have been no few sleepless nights as the day came closer to finalizing the sale. There are been no few tears shed since that day. But I am convinced more than ever it was the right thing to do.

I mentioned previously it was a conscious decision that we are still here coaching in Epsom. As we looked at how to reclaim some of our time and get some priorities back in order, there were a number of options available. Among them was the option to focus entirely in Concord - effectively closing Epsom. After all, 3/4 of our clients were in Concord. But in the end, that was never really an option. We LOVE the fact that people from all over the Suncook Valley and beyond train here, and we are committed more than ever to bringing the best training, coaching, and community right here to little ole' Epsom. I want to personally thank-you for training here, and I want to personally thank Nancy for being the incredible coach and person SHE is. It's not possible without ALL of you.

I am also going to be brutally honest. Our budget for things like marketing is MUCH smaller than it used to be. And while we are not looking for growth in client numbers, some crazy people DON'T train here forever, and we need to replace them. You have always been great about telling people about us, and it is our goal to continue to give you a reason to. You might have noticed we are a little off the beaten path, so if you'd be a guide for us, we would sure appreciate it.

I am sure you have also noticed the new logo and name attached to this email. The sale of the Concord facility included the rights to the "Get Fit NH" name. There is a lot of cache' behind that name, as a multi-award winning training and coaching facility. We retained the rights to use the name for a period of one year after the sale date, we are proud of the heritage of that name, and we are looking forward to that name flourishing for years and years to come under Meagan's leadership. And we are also starting to turn the page as far as that name goes.

Over the next little while you will see a change in Epsom's branding and name to "Cr8 Fitness". In a way, this is a return to our roots. Cr8 Health and Fitness LLC was the corporate entity that Get Fit NH operated under, and was actually our business name for a short time when I first started personal training. Cr8 is pronounced "Create", and it is significant in a number of ways. You train here to "Cr8" the best version of yourself through the pursuit of better fitness and health. Cr8 also stand for "Carlson 8", as there are 8 of us in our immediate family. Nancy, Dean, and our six kids - Tim, Jeff, Derek, Drew, Karalynn, and Amy. The name reminds me of both my commitment to BOTH of my families - and is very meaningful to me.

With that change in identity comes some other changes. Website, emails, etc. Here are those details:

Website: ( willl get you there too)

Nancy's Email:

Dean's Email:

Phone #: 603-340-7852

Cr8 Fitness Family Page: (there isn't much there but there will be if you come, so please request access now)

Main Facebook Page:

Thank-you for your patience and understanding during this transition. Change is not always easy, but it's also not always bad. 🙂

Let me know how we can serve you better.

Keep making it happen,

Coach Dean

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