Happy Birthday Mom

My Mom celebrates her birthday today. She was born the same day as we honor those who fell at Pearl Harbor. It's one way I used to remember her birthday. This post is for her because she is the most amazing mom of all time. She has to be because she put up with me. 


Happy Birthday Mom! I wish I could be there in person to hug and hug you. Today a friend gave me a hug and my mind quickly went to you. You taught me how to hug. I'm not quite as good at it as you are but hugs are special and that is because I associate them with you. 

Happy Birthday Mom! I wish I could give you back all the time you spent raising me. My siblings and I are lucky and honored to have you as our mom. While it took all of your time and most of your energy, you were one person who didn't lose her cool with me. 

Happy Birthday Mom! As my gift to you, I can shout out how amazing you are to the world. There is no one like you. Not many people can meet people on an airplane and become fast friends for years. Or be on vacation and find someone there that you know almost every trip you make. Your influence is board and heard around the world. 

Happy Birthday Mom! Thank you for teaching me that no matter where I am at, I look up and see the same moon you do each night. It keeps us connected.

To all of those reading this Birthday Card, find your mom or any mom and hug them. They deserve to know they have influence greater than any other. 

Happy Birthday Mom,


My Mom passing along the importance of hugs to my niece!

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