Match-A-Million in March

March is typically known for crazy weather, a leprechaun's pot of gold, and College Basketball playoffs (March Madness). It seems to me that March is deemed to be the time of reaching high fetched dreams. That sounds perfect for our group challenge. 

Let me tell you a story first. 

"Once upon a time there was a man on a mission. This man's name was Dan. His mission was to complete a million meters of skiing in a year. He laid out his plan. He thought it well through. In order to achieve his goal he would complete 20,000 meters each week. He'd ski 1,500m before each training and 1,500m after each training session. At home he would work on the remaining 8,000m for the week. He even planned in rest weeks from his schedule. Before long those in his training time got word of Dan's Million Meter Mission. They were there with encouraging words and spent time skiing next to Dan to keep him going. Then the word spread far and wide and soon others were joining in on the skiing fun." 

..... Oh Wait, this is not a fairy tale. Dan trains at 6:15 and he really has a Million Meter Mission this year!

In March as a team we are going to match Dan's Million. He is going to take a year. With over 100 of us at Cr8 Fitness, we're going to accomplish our Million Meter's in a month. "It's March Madness- Baby!"

I did some number crunching. With everyone skiing this month, each person will need to ski 10,000m in March. I know some of you can do that in one taking. For the rest of us: Each day as you come in, ski 313m meters before training and another 313m afterwards. Now I know some of you will take this challenge very seriously and do more than your fair share. I'm counting on that. There are those that will need a boost with their numbers as they train 2 days a week.  I built in a bit of cushion room as we have 113 people in the Cr8 Fitness Family. I'll join in and I know Coach Dean loves a good challenge too. 

We'll be marking our meters on the board so everyone can see the progress we're making towards our Million Meter Match Mission in March. (I just had to write out all those M words one More time)

I can't wait to blow your mind as we take home the pot of gold because no matter what the weather is like outside, we can ski inside. March Madness begins Friday. 

This is the BEST Challenge Ever,

Coach Nancy

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