Thank-you to the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States who died serving this country with distinction to preserve our freedom throughout the world.

My heart is sobered on days like today. 

"Nathaniel Sherburne is a Revolutionary soldier buried in the Nathaniel Sherburne Cemetery, New Orchard Road, Epsom, NH. The only grave stone there is a hand carved fieldstone."

I found this information in an Epsom HIstorical document. It added the listing of his family and it is all I know of the first owner of the property at 167 New Orchard Rd. 

Cr8 Fitness is located at 167 New Orchard Rd. I live there. I have been dwelling on the fact of Nathaniel's life lately. He didn't die in battle. Yet his life is summed up by his service. It was important. It is still very important. His life made a difference. I admire a man who's life is known by his work. Since I lived in the same house as he did, his work was a reality to my family. Walking in the same fields, seeing the same pond, traveling the same road brings the importance of his life into mine. His gravestone is in my backyard.

On Memorial Day we remember those who died in service. It is also a chance to remember all who served our great Country. 

Thank you,


  Below is a picture of the old homestead. 


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