MY Healthy AND Happy Thanksgiving Menu

Dear Coach Dean,

Let's try something new this year.

Let's NOT stress about what we eat on Thanksgiving. 

Let's not count calories, or ask how much sugar is in the pie (it's PIE for crying out loud) or work ourselves into a tizzy deciding if we should eat a dinner roll. Let's not try to make keto stuffing (it's terrible) or carb free desserts. Let's not make everyone else suffer because you are so "self-disciplined".

I mean seriously, is THAT healthy behavior?

If you don't like how much you weigh, or how you look in the mirror, you aren't going to solve that in one day. ESPECIALLY Thanksgiving Day.

Chill out.

Healthy eating is more than the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates in your "diet". Knowing those things can be important, but if counting calories and weighing your food stresses you out - cut it out. 

You KNOW the best way to eat, and 99% of the time you do. You eat sensibly, and simply.

In fact most of the time your eating is downright boring. But that doesn't mean it bland, tasteless, and uninteresting.

It just means you do the same thing over and over, meal after meal. You eat PPW every time you eat - Protein, Produce, and Water (or other calorie-free beverages).

You'll do the same thing on Thanksgiving day. You'll just add a couple more things, in reasonable amounts, that you enjoy but eat less often. Some great bread, maybe some mashed potatoes and gravy. A small slice of a couple different desserts. Some cider and even a small glass of eggnog. 

And it will be GOOD, and it will be HEALTHY, because you won't stress out about it, and you'll be doing it with people you love.

And on Friday, you'll reign it back in, enjoy some leftovers in reasonable amounts, maybe even have a piece of dessert two days in a row - WHAAAT!

And then you'll get back into your normal routine of PPW, sensibly and simply navigating healthy eating, no stress allowed.

To your best health, and a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Your Friend,

Coach Dean

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