Save The Dates!

Fall is a busy time....

and it's no exception here at Cr8 Fitness. You'll definitely want to mark some dates on your calendar as we miss you when you aren't here! 🙂 

What's in store around here? Glad you asked!

We have challenges and workshops designed to get you through the stress of the holidays and "eating season" better than when you started. We even have two "mystery" workshops and a couple parties ( is a secret).


  • Monday, September 17th: Sugar Free Me Challenge Starts
  • Wednesday October 10th: Modernmeal Workshop @ 6:00pm
  • Sunday October 14th: Sugar Free Me Challenge Ends
  • Wednesday October 24th: Mystery Workshop 1 | 6:00pm @ Cr8 Fitness Epsom
  • Saturday October 27th: Mystery Workshop 2 | 10:00am @ Get Fit NH Concord
  • Saturday November 3rd: InBody Workshop @ 9:00am
  • Saturday November 24th: World Famous "Pies Off The Thighs" post-Thanksgiving turkey coma busting workout
  • Monday November 26th: "Stay Hot For The Holidays" Begins
  • Saturday December 15th: Christmas Party
  • December 23 - 29: Christmas Break Recovery Week
  • Tuesday January 8, 2019: "Stay Hot For The Holidays" Ends


Now relax; this is to help you plan, not stress you out more. Come to what you can, and we will be happy through the holidays with you!

P.S. Check out the snazzy calendar below! You'll find it in the links above and in the sidebar of every blog - we got you covered!

- Coach Dean

[calendar id=”903″]
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