Sawubona – I See You

2021 is right around the corner. Many of us are rushing to get there in hopes that it is going to be like a beautiful rose instead of all the thorns so many of us had in 2020. There is a famous saying: “Where ever you go, there you are.” What if 2021 is not a bowl of sunshine and roses? What if it starts where 2020 left off?

Sawubona means ‘I see you’. Not just I see you have a mask on and I see that you are shopping in the same store as I am. It means I see you intimately. Sawubona is that deep seeing where you get that person. You understand where they have been and where they are going.

I see Sawubona happening at Cr8 all the time. The chatter happening as you catch up on the weekend details or hear how an elderly parent is doing. You not only know that person exist but you see into their lives and want to participate in it with them.

Sawubona is seeing beyond the mask we are wearing.

2021 will have its roses.  As you ‘see’ others this year, see them deeper. Take the word Sawubona to heart and really see them. You’ll find by getting into each other’s lives,

  • Challenges become easier because you have others to help with the burden.
  • Tension eases as you see their perspective and not just your own
  • Goals are attained with the accountability and help of those who ‘see’ you
  • Sunny days are even brighter because you’re sharing them

I’m sure you’ll find more benefits from Sawubona – I see you.

Happy New Year Everyone. We have the ability to make 2021 the Best Year Ever.

Coach Nancy

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