Showing Up is Hard Work

I know often it is hard just to show up for things. Those Christmas parties that seem to be one right after the other, a dentist appointment right in the middle of the day, or even taking the dog to the vet can become a tasking chose. But what about change?

Change is hard too. Changing your routine from summer time to school schedule can be difficult. Changing from getting up at 6am to rolling out of bed at 4:30am is a big difference. Eating 1-2 serving of vegetables a day to 5-6 can seem near impossible. Daily life seems to get in the way of the change.

It reminds me of my first few months at the gym. I could barely do 5 pound weights. It was all they had in my size. (or so I thought). I used those weights for months. Over and over I'd pick them up. Then a new person showed up and took my weights before I could get there. I had to go the the ten pound weights. To my surprise I could do them. It wasn't that the day was special, it was all the reps I had already done. 
Keeping your focus is hard work. Keep showing up, the focus gets easier and then soon you'll be staying focused on your habit without even having to put much thought into it. 

Change is hard.

Show up. Do some reps. Those first repetitions could be very hard. Keep going. Keep on showing up.Those reps will get easier with more practice. Soon your routine will include those repetitions. ​

So if you're trying to add more veggies into your day, add them. Keep putting them on the menu plan. Keep buying them at the store. Keep making recipes that include them. The more they find their way onto your plate, the more it will become normal. 

It works. Show up and try it.

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

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