Small Changes, Big Results

Are you making overeating normal? Eating is a behavior we have learned over time. Since all behaviors are learned we can learn better or different behaviors.  Here are 4 behaviors we can learn so that we can eat healthier and maintain it. Creating eating behaviors and then making those behaviors normal for you will make your healthy eating easier to do.

Small plates – There is No magic tricks here, set up an environment to automatically eat less by using a smaller plate. Less food at each meal equals less calories.  I don’t have to fill up my plate but I usually do. Using a smaller plate and filing it up with food will still be less food than filling up a larger plate. Well no duh, It makes. Check out this picture on how plate size has directly effected the obesity rate in America.

Veggies First – Veggies are the most nutritious part of every meal. Vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals,  and fiber. Nutritionally vegetables should fill in more volume on our plate and also will fill in more volume internally once you eat them. With all this volume the cool thing is at they hold lower caloric values than other food items. Filing your smaller plate 2/3 to 3/4 with veggies, and then using the rest of your plate for your lean protein and healthy fats, will fill your insides with good food. To help you in more detail of planning your meals check out what Coach Dean wrote on the subject.  

Remove temptations - If sweets are not in the house, it’s harder for you to eat sweets. Think of Superman, his downfall is kryptonite. In order for Superman to stay strong, he locks up his kryptonite. Use that same principle with the food item/s that are your downfall. If ice cream is your downfall each evening, leave it in the store. What ever your temptation is, remove it from your sight, take it out of the house, lock it up, and make it challenging for you to easily get it to eat. Everyone has so much will power and ability to say no, help yourself out and remove any tempting food out of your reach.

Be consistent – With any behavior it becomes a normal behavior by doing it day after day. I recently had a client put it this way, she was going to walk the walk.  She has put some practices into place and was on the way to making these new practices her new normal. She wanted her healthy eating knowledge and started to walk the walk with it. Consistency is not the same as perfection.

Eating healthy so you can be healthy and live a vibrant life is easier than you think. Setting these boundaries into place will help you change your current behavior. Boundaries can be thought of as a your new standard. My standard is to use a smaller plate instead of the biggest plate I own. I have a standard of filling that plate with mostly vegetables. I make temptations harder for me to acquire. I’m human, but even Superman had to lock up his kryptonite. What I am known for is how my consistency is measured.

Take these standards and make them your own.

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

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