Sugar Free Me- Easy? Successful? Challenges?

Coach Dean posted this question on Sugar Free Me's Facebook page.  "First Weekend of Sugar Free Me is in the books. Easy? Challenging? and Why? 

The responses are varied, all over the place, and AWESOME at the same time! Read through them if you are doing Sugar Free Me and if you didn't take this challenge I guarantee you'll be grateful you took time to read these posts. 

 "I tripped up over the weekend a little bit back on track now."- Bonnie

"Hard but the first two weeks are always for me. Then my body adjusts and the cravings disappear and it becomes easy! Yes easy...and I am the biggest sugar addict ever." - Lorena

"I’m with Bonnie" - Tom

"While traveling, a lot of looking around to find the right food choices. I did it though." -Lori

"I was not 100% but I’m happy with not going over the deep end. Traveled for 3 days. My big WIN was not snacking in the truck. (Usually box of cheeze it’s by my side)" - Stacy

 "It has been tough!" - Doreen

"Struggling!! The temptations have been everywhere as I haven’t been eating at home. Stress makes me crave it and I’ve had no willpower. I’ve messed up two days so far. Tomorrow is a new day." - Laurie

"I did good. I went to the SPCA walk and I knew they would have I like at the vendor and I did not have any. Win for me!!"- Deb

"The apple crisp got me over the weekend...soooo good! AND it was warm:) I did resist the ice cream however"- Lisa

Little wins, big wins, struggling, doing well and then not, making great choices for most of the meal- all success. Why?


Because doing something is better than doing nothing at all. Everyone had their eye on the prize, The bumps in the road will happen, its not that we make it to the finish line, its that we keep trying until we do. 

Never Give Up

To your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

If you want to read all the happenings on Sugar Free Me's Facebook page check it out. 

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