My kids are always keeping me on my toes. They also keep me smiling. So when Drew starting telling me what it takes to be a Gym Bro, I had to get it recorded for all time. My peeps at 5am training will especially like the qualifications of being a Gym Bro. Watch the video below and then I'll let you know another sure sign of being a real 'Gym Bro'. 

Drew is a really terrific kid. Not all the Carlson kids want to be on video. Now whether or not he was leading us all astray time will tell. Either way he made us all smile. 

Now 5am would add once you arrive, (rule number 1) in your flannel (rule number 2) you would use lots of chalk (rule number 3). 

I'm pretty sure the overarching rule is when you go to the gym, hang out with peeps who will allow you to have fun while challenging you to work hard. We do that here at Cr8 Fitnes.

To your best health,

Coach Nancy


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