Fitness and Health are NOT the same things.

Because those two words are often put together it is easy to get the impression they are the same thing. I was reminded of this in an article from our friends at InBody ("Why Your Perception of Fit is Probably Wrong (And the Reality of What’s True)"

So what's the difference?

I like Coach Dan John's definition of fitness: "The ability to perform a task".

All too often we view fitness in the like of aesthetics; if a person looks fit, they must be. But six pack abs doesn't mean that person is healthy. People do some very unhealthy things in the pursuit of "fitness". Wrestlers and bodybuilders, whom perform very specific tasks, can die in pursuit of cutting weight and looking good. The cover models of your average fitness magazine look great, but being in this industry for awhile I can tell you there is a lot of magic with lights and mirrors. I am not saying you shouldn't train to look good. I want to look good too. But sacrificing health is not worth it. 

And what about "health"?

Phil Maffetone defines health as: "The optimal interplay of the organs".


In other words, you need your liver to liver, your lungs to lung and your kidneys to kidney. You want all the amazing systems in your body to play nice together. You really shouldn't have to take antacids and aspirin all the time.

When you eat well, exercise smart, and enjoy life, you are pursuing healthy.

Dean and I have talked about this. If we had to do it all over again, we would not have called our business "Cr8 Fitness". Yes, we are a training facility, and yes, we exercise, and yes we work on fitness. 

Even though all those things are true, we should have called it "Cr8 Health."

Because that really is our main focus. To keep your body working well, for as long as possible. To encourage all the facets of a healthy lifestyle - making great food choices, a well-balanced exercise regimen, and having some fun. Your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being is really what matters, not that you have a six-pack or 10% bodyfat. If those are your goals, I am all for it, just don't neglect the others in the pursuit. Health comes first, fitness can and should be a by-product of the holistic process. Make sense?

We look forward to helping each new day be a little healthier than the one before. Thank-you for letting us be part of the journey. 

Jenn and others at her 5pm training time gave their two cents about what makes Cr8 Fitness (we haven't changed our name) different. Check it out. You'd be surprise to know its not only the physical side of health that they mention. 

Thank you again for being who you are and adding your encouragement to myself and those surrounding you at the Cr8 Fitness. If you know others who would like to make a difference in their own health and fitness I'd appreciate it if you could send them our way. 

To your best health,

Coach Nancy


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