What’s Going On Around Here?

Where DID this year go? I seriously can't believe it's December already. The last few months particularly have flown right by, and life has been busy.

As you know if you train here with us, Nancy and I are building a house. No Duh, right? We decided when we started that we would complete the interior ourselves, and as is usually the case with me, I underestimated the time it would take to complete it. My goal was Thanksgiving (although to be fair I didn't say which YEAR). 🙂  It would be nice to celebrate Christmas in there, but we will see. Right now we are working on door and window trim, and there seems to be a whole lot of it. The electricians are scheduled to finish up today, and there is a little plumbing left to do. I made a list of what we have to finish - it's only a page and half, how long could it take? Yeah.

Anyway, I appreciate all y'alls patience as I have not been in the gym much. I do miss being in there and hope to be back with you soon. I am looking forward to when the house is complete and we can have a party, If you are interested in some kind of Open House, let me know.

December Happenings

Right now Coach Nancy has the "12 Days of Fitmas" Challenge happening, and she has some very festive and creative ways to help you get in here during what we know is a very busy season. But we are ALL busy, and fitness doesn't take a holiday, know what I mean? So get on in here, sweat out some stress, have some fun, and be with people who love you. And you absolutely DO NOT want to miss the world famous "12 Pains of Christmas" coming your way soon. What day? That will be like a wonderful present  - you just won't know until you open the gym door one of these days.

Our Winter Recovery Break is the week of December 23 - 29. This is my favorite recovery week, as it gives us some time before Christmas to wrap things up (see what I did there) and prepare for a wonderful day.

Stay tuned for plans the week after Christmas, we are still talking about what we want to do on New Years Eve. We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Stay Happy!

Coach Dean

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