We've had our first dose of snow for the season. There is a new attendance challenge starting. InBody scans need to done for the month. The gym is sparkling and decorated. Someone hid the "Elf on the Shelf". (you need to find him) And FUN Friday's are getting a boost through the whole month. Every Friday after training you'll be able to create a Protein Smoothie to help speed you along to a healthier you.

Let's take that one at a time, please!

           Snow has fallen. The first snows melt rather quickly but always be careful as you travel in and out of the gym. Safety first everyone. As a reminder if there is a question about whether or not to make the commute to the gym, check your email, facebook or your phone. I will post a notice for some reason we can't have training by 4am for the morning groups and 3pm for the afternoon. BUT remember we have this amazing thing called Zoom. We'll use Zoom if there is ice and lots of it where we can't keep up with the parking lot. If you con't have power, the gym might not either so check your device for a notice when the weather is bad. 

December's attendance challenge is a group effort. Each time you are in for training grab a sticker and add it to your training time's tree. As the month goes on, each tree will get filled and overloaded with decor. I can't wait to see if we can even see the trees by the end of the month. 

Every month you are stepping on the InBody scan in order to keep on eye on your weight, body fat, and hydration levels. December is no exception. If you're also participating in the NO Holiday Weight Gain Challenge, you'll do an InBody once a week. 🙂

Cr8 Fitness is decorated for the season. A little more sparkly and shiny. It makes it a bit more of family space when you can smell pine and see lights glittering. 

The Elf on the Shelf tradition continues. He's changed appearances over the years but the game is the same. As you train be on the look out for a hidden elf. It looks more like a gnome from Travelocity but green. Whoever finds him gets to hide them for the next training time. A small piece of him has to be visible and he hides only in the main gym area. The creativity and genius behind some of his hiding place astounds me. Keep an eye out. 

I love you of my Cr8 Fitness Family. I'd like to show just a smidge of how much I appreciate you by offering you a Smoothie Bar every Friday in December. You'll be able to create a protein smoothie using a variety of ingredients after you train on Fridays. I'll have some recipe guidelines available to help you along the way. Enjoy and Thank you.

Check out the video on did on Facebook about December's happenings. 

Let's have the Best December Ever,

Coach Nancy

P.S. Recovery Week begins on December 23rd and goes through January 2nd. Let's train hard until then. 


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