In 2023 Cr8 Fitness has challenged you to drop 15 pounds. We've been keeping track and so far there are 19 names on our board. Three of them belong to Betsy. Betsy has been consistent and determined. Along with training in the gym, she's dialed in her eating to help her reach her goal. Betsy knows weight loss works best when physical fitness is combined with healthy eating. 

Like Betsy we all have to start with one pound. Dropping one pound then doing the work to repeat that over and over. Betsy has dropped 52 pounds so far this year. She'd be the first to say we can all do it. Our daily nutrition talks in the gym spark real time application at home and at work. We discuss nutrition practices, eating out, meal plans, how to grocery shop, recipe ideas and how to lose weight for the long run. It’s the small daily actions, practiced consistently over time, that lead to big changes. You’ll be challenged to think and build skills.  You can still have plenty of fun on your journey.

I'm proud of Betsy. She deserves to have the high fives and attention. She started with one pound which means we can do it too. 

To your best health,

Coach Nancy


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