It is already the middle of the month and we are going to start a challenge. Our 3. 2. 1. 0. Challenge is laid out in the gym for you to choose what you'll be doing. Here's how it works. 

For the rest of the month of September you'll pick one area to focus your nutrition into. By choosing one focus point you can direct all your attention to that one thing so you can help yourself out. I know I could choose to do all four things but I want to do one thing really well.  After I can see success in that one area then I can place my attention on other areas. Where are you going to place your focus?

3 PPW meals

Protein, Produce, and Water

You're choosing to eat 3 PPW meals a day. Protein, Produce and water make up your meal without adding any other food categories. An example might be a steak, with a side of green beans washed down with a glass of water 

Every time you eat you'll make sure there are 2 servings of vegetables on your plate. 

(A servings is a cupped handful.) A great example would be a salad made up of Papa Dean's Microgreens topped with chopped tomato, cucumbers, and green peppers. 

2 servings of veggies

serving = 1 cupped handful

1 glass of water

glass of water = 8 ounces

Drinking one 8 - ounce glass of water every time you eat is easier said than done. 

Before every meal drink your water. Before every snack -drink your water. Tasting your meal while cooking or snagging a quick bite of your child's - drink your water. Every time you eat - drink 8 ounces. 

This i where I am focused. I am committing to eating main meals but not grabbing a snack in between. Zero means zero bites, licks or tastes of food. 

0 snacking

zero, zilch, nothing nada

Now it is up to you. We can all better our nutrition. The healthier we are, affords us a body that is able to handle the stresses of life easier. Currently there is a lot of stress factors going on. Let's give ourselves the best chance to be ready for them. 

Which choice are you going to make? 

To your best health,

Coach Nancy


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