Chris Stars in the Spotlight

I caught Chris right before training one day to chat with her. Chris doesn't back down from a challenge so when I asked if I could video our conversation, she jumped all in. Chris loves to take life just as it comes to her and makes it the best version of circumstances of anyone I know. I know there have been days in her life when things are the opposite of sunshine and rainbows and yet she makes the best of them all. 

The frozen frame of this video says it all. It looks as if Coach Nancy (that's me) is giving her the talking to. I do that sometimes but mostly with my kids. She is taking it in stride and smiling right back.  

There are others like Chris who are always looking and finding that silver lining to life. I like hanging out with Chris as her positive attitude rubs off on me. The benefits of her attitude and her training is clearly seen in Chris's life. 

Way to Make It Happen,

Coach Nancy

Did you know I've captured more than just Chris on video? Check out more RockStars here. 

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