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What Do Doctors, Disney, and Sleeping Have in Common?

The 9am Training time is such a fun group. They keep me on my toes with the music, the jokes, and the FUN. Most importantly these ladies are seeing a difference between life before Cr8 Fitness and how they are living now. I'm excited because some of the ladies have been with us for years while others have been here just a few months. Each of them has great news on how the training has effected them outside of the gym. Listen up to hear what Doctors, Disney, and Sleeping have in Common.

Besides enjoying the crazy faces I make, did you catch the theme? Sleep is better, Tests at the doctors have better results, and Disney was enjoyed more because of the work these ladies have done consistently at Cr8 Fitness. 

Even more Karen wrote me: "Just wanted you to know that my doctor(Adam Cudgel) was very happy to hear that I was doing this program. However when I told him your name he was ecstatic about it. He was very familiar with your husband’s program at Get Fit NH in Concord. He feels that I am in the right place and that I will progress forward to reach my goals under your program and coaching." 

That's a High Five from a doctor to Karen and to Cr8 Fitness. Thank you Coach Dean for building a relationship with Dr. Cudgel when we owned both gyms. He knew more than just our name but our philosophy behind the training. Thats quite an impression Coach Dean made. 

I can't wait to touch base with these ladies in a 6 months to hear what else is going great in their lives. 

To your best health,

Coach Nancy

Cr8 Fitness is Skiing the World

Mark your calendars: The 14th Annual SkiErg World Sprints will be held November 10-13, 2022.

This 1000-meter virtual race allows you to compare your time against others worldwide in a one-weekend showdown of speed. Whether you’re using the Concept2 SkiErg for general fitness or to train for competitive Nordic skiing, use this event to see how you stack up against other SkiErg users around the world.

How it works: Race 1000 meters on the SkiErg, and we will send your times to Concept2 for ranking. There will be prizes for the top men and women. Did you know Cr8 Fitness has a former WORLD ranked champions? True story, so you don't want to miss it!

Time and Place: On Saturday November 12th we will open the gym up from 8:00am to 9:00am so you can come on in, give your best race, and get your time recorded. This is for anybody and everybody - just because you are not a World Champ (yet) doesn't mean you should stay home. There is only one way to find out how awesome you really are, and that is to be there!

Need more information? Her's the scoop directly from Concept 2. 

Please let us know where you will be competing.

See You There!

Coach Nancy

P.S. You might be seeing more skiing in the training to get us all prepared. 


There is a World Champion in this picture

Another World Ski Erg Champion is in this photo. 

What it Takes to Be a Gym Bro

My kids are always keeping me on my toes. They also keep me smiling. So when Drew starting telling me what it takes to be a Gym Bro, I had to get it recorded for all time. My peeps at 5am training will especially like the qualifications of being a Gym Bro. Watch the video below and then I'll let you know another sure sign of being a real 'Gym Bro'. 

Drew is a really terrific kid. Not all the Carlson kids want to be on video. Now whether or not he was leading us all astray time will tell. Either way he made us all smile. 

Now 5am would add once you arrive, (rule number 1) in your flannel (rule number 2) you would use lots of chalk (rule number 3). 

I'm pretty sure the overarching rule is when you go to the gym, hang out with peeps who will allow you to have fun while challenging you to work hard. We do that here at Cr8 Fitnes.

To your best health,

Coach Nancy

Add Some Humor (and Health)Into Your Day

I train some of the most awesomest (yes, that's a word) people in the world. While these people rock the hard work, they also put up with my antics. Tuesday has become tell a joke Tuesday. Lynne and Doreen might be kidding or maybe they're not. I do know these ladies work hard. They prove their dedication to themselves, their families, and friends as they've consistently worked on their health for over 10 years with Cr8 Fitness. 

Doreen and Lynne usually train at different times during the day but the family atmosphere at Cr8 Fitness drives friendships to form over training times and days. 

You've heard their goals. What are you working on to increase your health this year? 

Coach Nancy

I Can’t Believe These Numbers

I was looking around the gym this morning and realized something amazing. Each person there had been training at Cr8 Fitness for at least 5 years. Dan has been with us since Day 1. What a testament to each person's determination and endurance. They all bring a new thread to the fabric at 6:15am. I am grateful as it also says they must in some small way enjoy hanging out with me too. Next time I take a video I'll ask them the results that they've seen in that time. For now just stand in awe as you add those numbers up. 

Did you add those numbers up as they shouted them out? I did. Dan has actually been here almost 14 years so that makes a grand total of 74 years of training between them. How cool is that? By the way one of our oldest clients at Cr8 Fitness is 74. (I'm not revealing names)

Keep Making It Happen,

Coach Nancy

The Perks of Training at 5am!

Each morning there is this crazy group of people who come in before the sun is up to train at 5am. I love them all. Seriously you've got too, when people will get in their car to drive over and be ready usually with smiles to train early early. I asked them the best part of 5am. 

Bonuses of training at Cr8 Fitness:

  •  feels good to be in a family of people who care about you.
  • the camaraderie makes you feel special.
  •  you're accountable! One of the important reasons people benefit from the group is from the accountability. Even the bit of razzin' that goes on keeps you coming back for more.
  •  you have a coach. I believe people really want to know the “WHYs” to what they are doing and the reason they are doing it for. Knowing their is a coach who has your back helps keep you training confidently. 

Keep Making It Happen - no matter what time of day you train,

Coach Nancy

Why Do I Love Cr8 Fitness? Let Me Count the Ways

I enjoy hearing why you started with Cr8 Fitness. I really enjoy why you've stuck with it. We all want to be at our best health. Kim and Becky share their answers to both of these questions. 

The people at Cr8 Fitness are extremely amazing. You've knit yourselves together with this bond of being healthy. Then you take it further into friendships, encouragement, field trips and outings, and becoming family. Thank you for choosing to train with us. 

While it is not often, sometimes people have to leave Cr8 Fitness. Like Becky it might be a move that takes them away. We have some room in a few of our training times. Who knows we might just be that perfect fit. Take a peak and give it 2 weeks on us

To your best health,

Coach Nancy

Cr8 Fitness has its Very Own Jack Lalanne

Jack Lalanne is a fitness icon. He hosted probably the very first TV fitness show. He did extreme events like swimming with 70 boats in tow on his 70th birthday, lifting 1000 pounds on his show, and setting a world record of 1,033 pushups in 23 minutes on “You Asked for It". He is also know for inventing the Jumping Jack. 

Watch out because Lisa of Cr8 Fitness fame has invented her twist on the Body Blast. 

Lisa has also seen progress at training in just over a month. Get Ups should be something we can all do. Lisa has just found she is now able to do Get Ups without using her hands.

I believe Lisa could give Jack a run for his money in the energy department as well. Keep Making It Happen Lisa! We'll keep enjoying the new twist you add to training. 

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

“Why Start at Cr8 Fitness” by 2 Newbies

Going somewhere for the very first time can be challenging. Carol and Shirley just started training at Cr8 Fitness. One from a background of being in a gym and one from not stepping into a gym at all until recently. Together they have become a steady force training at our 8am time slot each day. I'm proud of Carol and Shirley stepping into the Spotlight with me. 

First time into a gym or the 4,598 its needs to be filled with the right kind of training for you and also the right kind of people. Shirley and Carol found it at Cr8 Fitness. I can't wait to hear from Carol and Shirley in a year.

To your best health,

Coach Nancy

Hey, Why did You Start at Cr8 Fitness?

DId you ever wonder why the person next to you starting to train at Cr8 Fitness? You'll enjoy listening to these ladies who train at 6pm share their 'why'. Plus you just gotta watch because they like to keep me on my toes. Check it out. 

I am amazed at the energy this group brings each night for themselves and each other. The friendly accountability through knowing the person who stands next to you is helpful. It goes far beyond just knowing their name. They've become friends. 

Hang on to your hats there is more to come from this gang. 

To your best health,

Coach Nancy

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