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Susan Gets a Perfect Report from Her Doctor

My kids just went through report card time at school. Each grade shows them how they are doing in each subject. As adults we get report cards too. Our report cards often are in the form of job assessments. And yet, there are other reports we need to pay careful attention to. These reports come in the form of numbers from blood work drawn at annual doctor's visits. Susan had such a visit recently. Her score Perfect- how cool is that. 

Susan has changed her health and therefore is changing her life. I know we both want to inspire others to do the same. Let's change the world one person at a time.

Thank you Susan for sharing.

To your best health,

Coach Nancy

The Spotlight is on Lauren

Popcorn. You know the light as air fun you pop in your mouth. About the only way I enjoy popcorn is trying to catch it one piece at a time with my mouth. I know you've all done that. It's the little bit of kid that stays inside us even as we age. Popcorn like that is the food I would use to describe Lauren's personality. She keeps the mood around her light and airy. She sparks fun like the fun we had as kids. At Cr8 Fitness Lauren catches me smiling because she is reaching her goals. She works, she goes to school and she trains with us. Through it all she is like popcorn- she brings out the kid in all of us. 

I'm excited to see what the next year is going to bring in Lauren's life. 'Moving Forward' is her middle name. Lauren is officially a member of the "Hall of Fame" at Cr8 Fitness. Every time you see a red shirt at Cr8 Fitness, you're meeting a Hall of Fame-r. Lauren has earned hers and is moving forward.

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

Chris Stars in the Spotlight

I caught Chris right before training one day to chat with her. Chris doesn't back down from a challenge so when I asked if I could video our conversation, she jumped all in. Chris loves to take life just as it comes to her and makes it the best version of circumstances of anyone I know. I know there have been days in her life when things are the opposite of sunshine and rainbows and yet she makes the best of them all. 

The frozen frame of this video says it all. It looks as if Coach Nancy (that's me) is giving her the talking to. I do that sometimes but mostly with my kids. She is taking it in stride and smiling right back.  

There are others like Chris who are always looking and finding that silver lining to life. I like hanging out with Chris as her positive attitude rubs off on me. The benefits of her attitude and her training is clearly seen in Chris's life. 

Way to Make It Happen,

Coach Nancy

Did you know I've captured more than just Chris on video? Check out more RockStars here. 

Lauren is Taking Over the Spotlight

Have you ever met someone who totally makes you feel like you've known them for years within the first few minutes after you meet them? That is Lauren. Her smile is there for everyone who walks in the room. She has an encouraging word whether your day needs it or not. During training Lauren keeps those around her going by talking them through it. Secretly I think she is keeping herself going with those same words she helps others with. 

I'm going to allow Lauren to tell you her story. She does a far better job than I can.

Lauren has made her own success by taking advantage of Cr8 Fitness's program design and eating more nutritiously. I'm proud of her. She is making it happen. 

Lauren is joining others who have hit their goals and kept going. Check out Kim's story

Coach Nancy

Hanging Out with Friends Makes Kim Happy

Since the dawn of time, people were meant to hang out with other people. One of the highlights at Cr8 Fitness is the people you meet. Kim keeps her health going by enjoying what she is doing and being with those that make her smile. She does a much better job of telling us what brought her to Cr8 Fitness, what keeps her here, and what she enjoys most. 

Meeting new people, hanging out with friends, and creating a whole world of health in the mean time. Kim has been named the Welcome Committee for the 9am ladies. She has a fifth sense that creates a bond with those new to our crew as if they've been with us for years. 

Keep Making It Happen, Kim.

Coach Nancy

Gail Doesn’t Say NO to a Challenge

I am in love with seeing, hearing, and watching how people that train with us, turn their physical training into real life wins. Gail is one who wanted to make daily life easier so she is working to make that happen. Though she's had more than one back surgery, she trains smart and feels the power of change happening daily. 

I am so proud of Gail for her determination to stay strong and capable of doing all she wants on a daily basis. 

Keep Making It Happen, Gail.

Coach Nancy

The Power of Change

Time flies by so quickly and sometimes we don't pause to remember where we have been. We might not realize that those we know were not always the person we see. Scott has been training at Cr8 Fitness for almost 8 years. He can remember back when he first started training. He lets you peak into that past so you can see what is possible for yourself. 

Each of us enter Cr8 Fitness with different challenges and outcomes we want to achieve. Scott is making his goals possible. Its exciting to see The Power of Change in  where he was and is today. 

Keep Making It Happen, Scott,

Coach Nancy

Denise Tells her Story to Coach Nancy (and you)

Denise shares with me one of her reasons to coming to Cr8 Fitness. So many ladies in New Hampshire can relate to her feelings of hitting a point where she just wants a change. She has changed her outlook by hitting the gym with the ladies at 9am. I am impressed with her unrelenting spirit. It shows in her search for a place to call her own gym and in her constant striving while training. 

Denise adds a bit of crazy to the saying "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil"

Denise adds her bit of crazy to the term; "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"

Denise is here to stay. Its my pleasure to be her coach as she trains at Cr8 Fitness. 

Keep Making It Happen, Denise.

Hear Gretchen’s “Why does she train at Cr8 Fitness?”

Gretchen and I go way back, well just about 10 1/2 years. That is because Gretchen has been training at Cr8 Fitness since almost day one. The first day I met her, she pulled into the parking lot after a day out on the water with her family. She often takes a long day or weekend trip for family time. 

What I didn't know that very first day was "why". Why was Gretchen at Cr8 Fitness and what was she seeking most. Sometimes those 'reasons why', are tender and dear to the heart. After meeting Gretchen once its not likely you'll forget her name and now you might have a deeper connection to Gretchen's story. 

I can't wait to see what the next ten years brings for all of us training alongside Gretchen. 

Hear it from Donna

With 10 years of training at Cr8 Fitness, Donna is one of the best people to ask what she's seen during those years. She was kind enough to take time after training to fill us in on the details. 

I appreciate Donna because she is a hard worker and yet she is real. Donna has been with Cr8 Fitness when we didn't have our building up yet. She faithfully trains for her health. 

Keep Making It Happen Donna,

Coach Nancy