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Sara’s Favorite Part of Challenges

Sara stopped by on her way to work to chat. We decided we'd make a quick video to review our conversation. You see Sara has been training with Cr8 Fitness for almost 6 years. She's participated in our nutrition challenges. Instead of listening to me talk about Transform in 4, I thought I'd let a veteran share her opinion. Sometimes it is better to hear it from others. Thank you Sara for stopping in. 

Just in case you haven't signed up yet, or maybe you just need to know a bit more. You can read all the details about "Transform in 4". It starts on November 1st. You'll want to sign up now so your ready to go. 

Thank you again Sara,

Coach Nancy


Spotlight Shines on Challenges

Nutrition Challenges

Words are powerful. There is a time to speak and then there is a time to take action. Our challenges give you the ability to put your words into practice. 

You see words in themselves are not enough. You need action or a time to practice what your words are telling you. Actions bring those words into deep conviction that are lived out practically.

The unique aspect of the Nutrition Challenges we hold through Cr8 Fitness is it touches lives. Powerful words will not have a lasting impact in our action unless your life is consistent with the message. It is not just words on our lips but words that impact our lives. 

Gretchen and Donna took time with me recently to tell me their favorite aspects of the challenges they have already completed. With our new Transform in 4 Challenge coming in November it is always helpful to hear from some veterans.  

Thank you Gretchen and Donna (and Kim behind the camera) for taking time with me after training. You ladies rock.

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

P.S. Don't forget to sign up for Transform in 4

P.S.S. Remember you don't need to train with us so grab a friend to help you stay accountable to Transform in 4. I'll be there too. 

Dan the Million Meter Man

Many of us set goals, some of us accomplish them. Fewer of us accomplish them 4 months ahead of time. When someone crushes a goal it is worthy of a big shout out. Dan did just that. In February of last year, he decided he would ski One Million Meters in a year. As a group we did a Million Meters in March. Each of us skied 626 meters daily in order for the group of 110 peeps at Cr8 Fitness to finish 1,000,000 meters. At the end of March we had a total of 1,006,292 meters. It took daily consistent effort from the team. Magnify that by daily consistent effort from one person to hit 1,000,000. Dan is the Million Meter Man.

Dan crushed his goal. He had his team's support and cheering. You might have a goal you've worked towards. Take aways from Dan the Million Meter Man would be:

  1. Create a plan to make it happen 
  2. Just keep going  
  3. Don't let set backs stop you AND
  4. Listen to good stuff while you're working at your goal. (You'll have to ask Dan what he listens to as he skis.)

Keep Making It Happen - no matter what your goals are,

Coach Nancy

Spotlight on Crystal- The Knee Grab Ab Queen

I must confess Crystal makes me mad. Not mad in an angry kind of way but mad in a way that urges me to work harder. I wish I could be Crystal when Knee Grab Abs are on the board. She makes me want to be better. That is one thing I love about Cr8 Fitness. We all have strengths that spur others into action.  Crystal strength is in more than just her physical fitness. It is seen in her determination. She has put a goal in place and has been making it happen. It's not always easy or simple. It takes hard work and an inward drive to achieve a goal. Listen in as Crystal shares her story.

High Fives to Crystal. She is 'Making It Happen'. She is also inspiring others to work hard at their goal. Family is important at Cr8 Fitness. Joking, laughing, encouraging, pushing, and helping others to be the best is part of what we do. 

Thank you Crystal for taking time to share your story,

Coach Nancy

Lynn Shines in the Cr8 Spotlight

I am beyond happy to share the conversation I had with Lynn. She is enthusiastic and exudes commitment, so talking with her was a blast! Lynn tells us about her journey from before she joined to this very day. She knew what she wanted before she walked in the doors for the first time and  she shares all the added benefits she wasn't expecting. How many of us can say the same thing? It is so true. Often the benefits we were expecting are ranked right along side those things that happened just because you showed up. I love that Lynn shares her experience with us.

It isn't always comfortable to hit training after a day at work. But you know what? Once you get here you find that you can achieve more than you imagined you could. The success you work hard for is the one that sticks with you most. Find out what Lynn's favorite thing to do while at training. Watch her interview here:

Thank you, Lynn, for sharing with us! I am so happy you put your trust in Cr8 Fitness on that first day and continue to do so today. I can't wait to see what the next two years brings. I am thrilled to have you apart of our Cr8 family!

Monday Motivation and Inspiration!

Some of use "climbing a mountain" as a metaphor, and others of us actually go out and climb mountains! The amazing Don Harty is just one of the many dedicated hikers and climbers in the Cr8 Fitness family, and recently he had the opportunity to do an amazing trip to Mt. Whitney in California. 

Whitney is the highest peak in the lower 48, with an elevation of 14,505 feet. For perspective, our own Mt. Washington here in NH has an elevation of 6,288 feet. Yeah, Whitney is BIG!

I "borrowed" the following account from Don's Facebook Page. If you want to see even more beautiful pics, you should check it out

"Had the hike of my life yesterday. Kate Koonz and I hiked up to Trail Camp on Friday. I carried a 45 pound pack for the six mile hike because of the weather extremes on Mt Whitney. After a night in a cold tent with gusty winds Kate and I struck out at 6:00 AM up the Mt. Whitney Trail. During the first 2 miles up the section of trail affectionately known as the 97 bleeping switchbacks. The altitude hit me between the eyes. At around 13,000 feet I could not get enough oxygen in my lungs to power the body. I would climb for 20 steps and have to rest. It was during this stretch that I seriously considered quitting and going back down. Fortunately for me, Kate pretended that she was exhausted as well so I kept on plugging. We finally reached the ridge and actually descended 500 feet to join the John Muir Trail and then for the next 2 miles ascended at a more gradual rate up to the summit on Whitney at 14,505 feet in elevation. The five mile hike included a few traverses through snow fields that were 2-3 feet deep. By the time we reached the summit I was more beaten and exhausted than on any previous hike. We spent an hour on the summit and then headed down for the 11 mile hike back to the car for a total of 16 miles on the day. Unlike a hike last month on Katahdin where I left my dad’s ashes in the glove compartment, I brought the Old Man up with me and sprinkled them at the summit of a mountain that was on his bucket list but that he was never able to climb. We got out of the woods at 8:30 by flashlight and headed back down to our rental cottage in Lone Pine. How exhausted was I? For those of you that know me well this should tell it all. We picked up a pizza and a six pack of beer to bring back to the cottage and before I went to bed I drank only about 3/4 of one bottle. That’s exhausted. Today we drove Through Death Valley to Las Vegas. The temperature hit 121 degrees. We stopped at Badwater which at 282 feet below sea level is the lowest point in North America. So in less than 24 hours Kate and I stood at the highest point in the lower 48 states as well as the lowest point. California is a state of extremes. looking forward to heading home tomorrow."

Don sent us a couple pics and this very kind message:

"Good morning Nancy & Dean
Below is a picture of me at the summit of Mt. Whitney yesterday. It is a picture that would be impossible without the contribution that the CR8 program has made to my physical fitness and conditioning. My lungs were struggling at the high altitudes but the legs never missed a beat. Thanks for all you do."

I don't know about you, but I am inspired. I will be 53 years old next month, and Don's got a few years on me. Do you remember when you were a kid and you thought 40 was ancient? I'd like to think it's just now that I have really even got warmed up, and there is much adventure that awaits. Guys like Don make me want to make it happen.

And truthfully, it is really cool to see that "MTXE" shirt reaching new heights, literally. I just went out to see the 6:15am training crew, whose tradition is to wear that shirt every Monday, and sure enough, there they were. "Mental Toughness & Extra Effort" will carry you far.

So what mountains do you want to climb? Maybe it's a real mountain, like Mt. Whitney. Or maybe it's another adventure that you have been putting off for too long. As long as you are above ground and breathing there is still time. I started my first business in my 40's, and my second in my 50's. My wife's Uncle Carl skiis big mountains in his 80's, for crying out loud. Do you really want to sit on the couch (that could be a metaphor too) for the rest of your life? 

A little "tough love" here. It ain't gonna happen by skipping workouts, eating a bunch a crap, and watching TV until all hours of the night. I don't make the rules, but I do know what happens when you ignore them. I am talking to me as much as I am to you.

Get Up. Get Started. Get Going. 

There are mountains to climb.

Race you to the top!

- DC

Introducing Our Newest Spotlight Superstar – Belinda!

It is always a pleasure when I introduce someone to our training. It makes me happy to know someone trusted us enough to walk in our doors and then further trusted us to help them increase their health. Belinda made the transition from being a newbie to knowing the ropes around Cr8 Fitness extremely fast. She was one of the family before her first week was even over. Belinda has made working her way into our 4pm training crew seamless. She's matched that by making great strides in reaching her goals. 

There you have it. You've met Belinda. She's made it a priority to train because of what she'll get in the long run. Now, I'm sure you'll feel like I did, like she is already a friend.

Keep making it happen Belinda,

Coach Nancy 

1500 Training Sessions at Cr8 Fitness

I recently stopped Doreen after training so that I could record her story. She's been training with us for 8 years. A lot has happened in that time frame. She's been to over 1500 trainings while she's been here. That is a crazy number. I appreciate Doreen choosing us way back when and staying with us. Many of you already know her and she has a powerful story. 

I'm proud of Doreen for saying she'd go the first day and then her consistent determination that has brought her personal success. Thank you Doreen for taking time out of your day to share with me and others. 

To your best Health,

Coach Nancy

Sarah puts Coach Nancy in the Spotlight

Things sometimes get turned around in life from the normal. It happened to me today as Sarah, a RockStar, interviewed me. Since I love to talk, I was able to manage. (insert smile here) Sarah is a RockStar in that she has trained with Cr8 Fitness for 5 years. Being a RockStar is more than the time she sets aside for training. It show commitment. It shows determination. It requires so much from each person that earning RockStar status is just that. Sarah is now a RockStar. Many of you have earned that title and many more are working towards it. Thank you Sarah for turning the microphone on me. 

I can't wait for another eleven years of memories. Looking back, Cr8 Fitness works and acts like a family. We work together for the good of the group and yet as individuals. We help and encourage through the best days and the not so best days. We pick each other up. We apologize when needed and move on. Cr8 Fitness is family and I am so glad you are here with us. 

Coach Nancy

Thank you Sarah for taking time from your work day to do this video.

Spotlight on Two Sizzlin Summer Slimdown Successes

I recently caught up with two of our previous winners of S3 - "Sizzlin Summer Slimdown". While I could rave about how wonderful and beneficial a focused time on our nutrition could be, these ladies say it better. They have experienced success in many different forms. While weight loss is and was their goal, Katie and Lindsey have learned to use discipline, shop from a grocery list, use a meal plan, all of which helped them to stay the course. It also takes courage and a bit of humility to ask questions and seek help from their coach. Since they ladies came home with real live prizes, I know they took full advantage of every tool.

Current And past S3 participants are learning more than how to stick to a meal plan standard. They are learning what to do when things don't go just so, or when someone else in the house helped themselves to your meal, when a recipe needs to be doubled or how to portion it out for another day. Kitchen skills and adjusting meals to fit within S3 standards are all part of the challenge. Walking away after 6 weeks carrying less weight, feel more energized, and a whole lot happier is a bonus. 

Katie and Lindsey are already signed up and ready for this year's challenge. S3 has become a highlight of their year. I'm proud of these ladies. These ladies are stronger, healthier, and more determined because of the success they have already achieved. That is what makes me the proudest of them. They dive in with a fervency knowing they will gain even more usable knowledge than in the weight they lose each time. I can't wait to hear what they have learned, how they maneuvered their way through obstacles over the course of this challenge. 

To your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

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