A few days ago a new person started in the gym. As others introduced themselves, it was encouraging to hear:

 "We all had that first day". 

"You'll probably be sore but come back"

"I've been here for 6 weeks"

"I've been here for 9 years"

We all had that first day - even your coach. 

Let me tell you about my first day at Cr8 Fitness. Back then it was called Get Fit NH Bootcamp. (We refined the name as the years went on.) Coach Dean was the only coach and I was a 'newbie'. Dan from 6:15 used to push me to do more and do better like he stills does to others. My first day was also outside. The building wasn't even in the works. Eleven other people were challenged through the first days, weeks, and months by Coach Dean who still designs the training program each week.

Here is how I felt. I remember it like yesterday

  • tired, it was 5am and I had 3 children under age 5
  • sore
  • not flexible - couldn't touch my toes and squats hurt my knees
  • I struggled to lift a 10 pound DB over my head. (They were the smallest weight we had)
  • competitive - growing up with 3 brothers, I wanted to keep up

After a few months I noticed:

  • I was keeping up in speed with some of the guys
  • I could lift 15 pounds over my head
  • I learned how to do a KB Swing
  • I lost 10 pounds without much focus on dieting
  •  I am a morning person
  • I could go to the bottom position of a squat and stay there!

We all had our first day. After consistently doing the work, things got better and easier. We get stronger. We gain flexibility. And often times we also lose body fat. 

Don't take it just from me Roy Englert shares his first day thoughts and beyond.

Roy Englert continues to set new records in the sport of running. One of the oldest competitors at the 2022 National Senior Games, Roy is one of just two athletes to have participated in every national event. He never considered himself athletic until he decided to enter his first competition at age 60. That was 40 years ago. He prefers distance events, saying he isn’t much of a sprinter, and over the years he has broken several world age group records. 

Keep Making It Happen,

Coach Nancy



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