We’ve all seen the cartoon picture of the horse with the carrot in front of his nose. Why is it there? To make him mover forward, to help him achieve the prize for running the race. What if we had a carrot in front of us? What would that carrot help us to do? What could we achieve quicker because that carrot was always in front of us?

In all honesty there isn't a real "Carrot Club" but you can still imagine the possibilities you could achieve if there was a Carrot Club.

The Carrot symbolizes a goal you want to achieve.

The carrot should be consuming our thoughts, in front of us constantly, and something we really desire. Would you like to lose 10 pounds? What about drop your meds because you no longer need them? Do a push up? 25 Knee Grabs Abs in a row? You pick. After you set your goal, place your carrot in front of you and others. We will all shout out as you achieve your goal and finally get that carrot.


It's crucial to your success that you begin with the end in mind, and that means having a personal goal. You may have heard of SMART goals, and that's what a Carrot is.

Results Focused
Time Bound

Here's how it might look if your goal was to lose 10 pounds.

Specific : I will follow Coach Nancy's Meal Plans using Cr8 Your Plate Meal planning service for 3 months. It allows for one 'treat meal' a week so I will not feel deprived.

Measurable: I will step on the InBody every other week to measure my progress and discuss results with Coach Nancy

Achievable: I know I can do this with accountability and the tools provided. Science says 1-2 pounds a week so this will allow for a bit of grace if needed.

Results focused: Its not a feeling I am aiming for but body weight lost

Time Bound: I will work for the 3month period of time.

Do you see how that works? By creating a plan that has many details on how it is accomplished, involves accountability, is doable and backed by science, but also an end in sight allows me to work the plan.

Its a whole lot different to say I want to lose 10 pounds by eating healthy verses here is my plan to lose those 10 pounds.

I'm here to help you create your "Carrot", Join the Carrot Club and Cr8 Your Goals,

Coach Nancy



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