Fill Our Parking Lot

I don't know about you but I feel a bit exhausted when all the news and talk is tragic, horrible, and chaos. I am in the mood for some positivity and doing good. Here is how we are going to start doing that in our world. We'll start with our town and go from there.

One of our very own peeps has some very large health issues right now. Of course that means they are quarantined. Petra, our 5am peep, has been staying away from training at the gym. She did venture out last week while no one else was around to say Hi to all of us in the parking lot. 

I'm sure you have seen her note. Here is how we are going to Fill Our Parking Lot. As each of you come into training, or to pick up your protein, or to visit me; I would like each of you to pick up a piece of chalk and write Petra back. I know we can take our empty lot and fill it with bits of goodness for her. 

Our first step in changing the things we talk about from all bad to good is to Fill Our Parking Lot UP! I'll buy more chalk if I need to, lets do some good and change the world.

Coach Nancy

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