The World SkiErg Sprints is an annual 1000 meter worldwide showdown of SkiErg speed. This event is for everyone! At Cr8 Fitness 38 skiers competed against 2000 other skiers world wide. We showed them that in New Hampshire we ski fast. 19 of our skiers were under the top 80. 

Here's a few shout outs to those that crushed it. 

Jill F was Cr8's Fastest Lady with a time of 4:14

 Tim A took home the fastest Man Award with a time of 3:35.8

Lauren H was our youngest skier

Brenda, #22, and Sue, #25 represented Cr8 Fitness in the age category 70-79

5 ladies placed in the top 25 in the age category 60-69. Jeannie, 17, Lucille, 20 and Lyn, 21, June 24, and Chris 25.

Scott and Brian were in the top 30 in the men's category 60-69.

Coach and Gretchen placed in the top 15 in their age group. 

Everyone who skied deserves a high five. Not because they were the fastest or that they love to compete. They deserve recognition of their effort, of the work it took that day and each day as they train. They put themselves out there. I'm proud of each. 

The sprints are one way we can measure our fitness. Keep picking up heavy stuff. Work hard each time you train. Feeling young, staying strong so we can live the fullest life is what we are all about. 

To your best health,

Coach Nancy


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