Fun Friday has become a tradition around Cr8 Fitness. For the last 13 years each Friday has been marked by FUN. What exactly does that mean? 

According to Coach Nancy, "FUN Friday is always fun. Of course it's hard work but FUN all the same."

Team work, camaraderie, jokes, and a great training session all are parts of FUN Friday. Ending the week on a high note is the best of all.

Best week ever is when there is a string of FUN Friday all in a row. The week before recovery week is famous for this. You can check out all the Recovery weeks for the year 2021 right here. Recovery weeks are like a vacation for your body. You'll return from Recovery week feeling ready to train hard and Make It Happen.

Enjoy the FUN,

Coach Nancy 

Here's what a few had to say about FUN Friday after FUN Friday happened.


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