Lessons I Learned While Holding a Baby

Lessons I learned while holding a baby

  • Smile a lot. Babies are a mirror. They will reflect everyone nearby what they are seeing and feeling right in front of them. If you want to hold a happy baby, smile.
  • Be Constantly moving. I’ve held a lot of babies and while they move constantly, they also want me to move constantly too. It like they have an inner movement but they like more global movement too. It’s like they require small adjustments to where they are at to keep them content. 
  • Change them. This is an easy lesson but necessary too. While diapers are primary, bibs, clothing (theirs and your own), as well as position in your arms and in the room. While they like these minor adjustments, they don't like big changes. Try putting a baby in someone arms who they don't know and see and hear what happens. Or try getting a baby to sleep without their favorite blanket. Babies love changes but keep some major things the same. 
  • Provide the basics. Food and sleep are routinely rotated between. Anytime a baby isn’t being fed or sleeping they are probably in one of the steps above.

So what does that have to do with you? Especially if you don’t care for any babies at the moment? How does this come back to you in your pursuit of health?

You’re a lot like a baby!

  • You’re a mirror. You reflect those surrounding you. We often hang with those of similar characteristics. Benevolent people hang out with others that give of their  time, energy, money, and SMILEs. Those conscience of healthy eating tend to spend time with other nutritionally similar folks. While those that complain, complain to others who want to one up their complaints.
  • You need minor adjustments. Our bodies were built to move. Physically we feel best when we get out and move. I was recently traveling on a plane, I find it challenging not to stand up often just to stretch my legs. When the plane finally lands, I am anxious as many are just to de-board. I want to get moving. I apply that same principle to my training regime. I trained in the gym 4 times a week. By adding minor adjustments to my training program I find success.  
  • Change is mandatory. And I find this is true in my eating habits as well. I tend to eat each meal with the standard of lean protein, produce, and water. (PPW) Breakfast is protein, produce and water. Lunch is protein, produce, and water. Dinner is a repeat of that; protein, produce, and water. And yet there is a wide variety of change within that standard. There is an entire world of meats out there to eat. The change comes in the type of protein I have at each meal. This variety to my menu selection gives me change that keeps my mind and body happy. I haven’t come close to trying all the types, varieties and combination of vegetables not to mention the ways in which to cook them. Keep on changing within the standards you have for yourself.
  • Get the basics. As an adult or anyone for that matter life is a constant rotation between sleeping and eating. It’s a cycle you can’t break for long without obvious consequences.  A baby is expected to sleep for large quantities of time. Yet somehow adults think that sleep is an option. I found that everyone in a room with a cranky baby knows that they either need to sleep or eat. Yet cranky adults think they need to dive deeper into the ‘To Do’ list in order to achieve a break or before they can sit down to eat. “Hangry” is a real thing. Overindulging in coffee because of a lack of sleep is a real thing too. Get the basics: 6-8 hours of sleep in a day and nutritious food.

Life in general, no matter the age, is the same and yet different. I like it that way.

Learn some simple truths about a baby and your next babysitting adventure will go more smoothly. Apply these same truths to yourself and increase the healthfulness you enjoy now.

To your best health,

Coach Nancy

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