The Bracelets Are A Win-Win!

With May being the month Cr8 Fitness celebrates its anniversary I often find myself thinking back to the many students we have had the opportunity to serve, some from the very beginning. One common thread that shines brightly as a fitness family is our desire to give back. Many of you train in order to give back to your own family the best version of you that you can. You give yourself and your time during challenges to encourage and help those around you. And each time we have some sort of a fundraiser you give more than we thought possible. 

Lisa invited Kari and BAM another $100 to Catamount.

This year we started a new chapter in our Referral Reward program, designed to let us say thank you to you, as well as well as giving back to the community we all live in. Your Referrals Make a Difference.

For many years we have had a Referral Rewards program as a small token of appreciation for sending your friends, family and co-workers to us. And an interesting thing happened along the way. We had clients tell us "Why don't you donate that money to a local charity instead? So we are. This year every time we get a referral who becomes a client, we are honored to donate $100 to an amazing local non-profit, Catamount Womenaid.

Deb Shore from Catamount Womenaid gave us insight into this group. "Catamount Womanaid is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 2011 and provides emergency financial assistance to men, women and children living in the towns of Deerfield, Epsom, Northwood, Pittsfield and Strafford. We are neighbors helping neighbors. In the last 18 months, Catamount Womenaid has received 65 requests for financial assistance and has provided over $20,000 for expenses such as housing, medical, heating and utilities, home repair, transportation and even funeral expenses. We started a new initiative last year: School Essentials Fund. Through this fund, we have provided money to guidance counselors in all of the schools in our five towns. These replenish-able funds are being used to provide supplies, such as clothing, boots, eyeglasses, etc. to schoolchildren in need. Please check out our webpage for additional details of the work we do and to find out how you can help. "

We've come up with another way to help support this great organization as it helps our community. Dean designed these great bracelets. They come in two colors (don't worry guys- they are not all girly colors). Simply purchase one of these bracelets for $5 and we'll donate the proceeds to Catamount Womanaid. How cool is that? 

Win the Day has become the new saying around Cr8 Fitness. Win the First Hour - Win the Day. Many in our community need a helping hand to win the day, and you can help them. 

I love how Deb put it, 'We are neighbors helping neighbors'. That is what Cr8 Fitness has become known for. We help each other and now we can reach farther out to our community. 

Purchasing one of these bracelets is truly a "Win-Win". You remind yourself to set yourself up for success, and Catamount Womenaid gets more of the help it deserves. Please buy one (or more) of these sweet bracelet for only $5 today. Thanks!

Thank you for choosing to train with us, 

Coach Nancy

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