Want to play a game? Cr8 Fitness created a board game to add some extra FUN into your day. Here’s how you play the game. Your goal is to complete one task in order each day. Everyone is starting with #1. You’ll move to the next task only after you finish the first one. Each person will get one 'pass' or 'by' where you can skip that task and move onto the next. The goal is to finish all 26 in order. This is a game you play 7 days a week. No need to just play on your training days. The goal is the end of the list. Ready, Set, Go!

Get ready to play 

1. Drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water. 

2. Don’t eat after dinner

3. Eat 5 servings of veggies.

4. No artificial sweeteners in your drinks

5. Take a multivitamin

6. Eat at least 20 grams of lean protein at 3 meals

7. Walk purposefully at least one mile

8. Log your food for the day

9. Do not eat anything out of a box, bag or can. (Think Junk food or fast food.)

10. Take a picture of your breakfast and post it on Facebook or email it to your coach

11. Eat healthy fats, fish oil, avocado etc.

12. No cheese of any kind

13. Teetotaler Day - No Alcohol

14. No bread or baked goods today1

5. Do 15 Get Ups in the morning and 15 Knee Grab Abs in the afternoon or evening

16. Eat Veggies at your first meal

17. Read for enjoyment at least 20 minutes

18. No Caffeine today

19. Foam roll for 10 minutes

20. Make a salad a main course for lunch or dinner today.

21. Eat 2 cups of vegetables at any one meal (salad doesn’t count)

22. Eat 5 colors at one meal

23. Stretch for 10 minutes.

24. Do one thing from your To Do that you’ve been putting off

25. Eat fish for a main dish

26. Do 25 squats and 20 Dynamic planks

I'm ready to play this game but it really needs a catchy cool name. Can you help me out?

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy


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