Making It Happen While Away

Good things do happen while you're away. I haven't heard of any other gyms that have such Cr8- tive people. (Did you see what I did there with the word Create?) I am truly proud of the ingenuity and determination of our peeps. Zoom has been a great tool to use to get your training in while you're away. 

Recently Lori was able to spend some time up North. She Zoomed in during the ladies training at 9am. Since she didn't pack all the regular tools we use in the gym she improvised. I was rather impressed when she pulled out a Rock for her training tool. The rest of us were using Dumbbells and bands and medicine balls. I believe Lori invented the "Splash Rock". The ladies that day were amazed that as we did slam ball she took her rock and threw it into the lake only to retreived it each time. Of course with each throw she sent up a great 'Splash'. It was one of those tropical feeling days so I don't think she minded.  

Lori isn't alone in using rocks for training. The famous Dan of 6:15am training had everyone wishing they were all zooming in alongside of him recently. The view of the morning sun across the lake gave us the sensation of being away even just for the hour in the gym. It was great to see Dan use the bands he had packed but he used a rock for some extra weight to press and deadlift. 

I am thankful we were forced to give Zoom a go round for training. It has proven an amazing tool to keep our training going. The phsical training we tackle in the gym or while away builds our bodies defense mechanism against anything unhealthy. Dan and Lori are just a few that are Making It Happen while away. A shout out goes to Sue and Jennifer as they both recently traveled to Ohio and zoomed in from there. 

I am amazed and proud of all the Cr8- tive peeps that train with us at Cr8 Fitness. The Little Gym in the Woods is an amazing place to be. 

Coach Nancy

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