Week two is in the books for March Madness. We celebrated week one with a party. My kind of party that is. Each person picked an exercise for the whole group to do. Of course someone in the group picked Get Ups. While looking at the end goal of 1,000 Get Ups can be daunting, taking them in daily chunks of 38 Get Ups makes it much more doable. Our party ended by sampling a Chocolate Raspberry Protein Shake. It was super yummy and a nice treat after a hard training. 

Today ends week 2 of March Madness. We celebrated by allowing all those in the challenge to pick a prize out of the bucket. There were Gifts of Get Ups, Bonus Get Ups ranging from 10 - 20 that you could add right onto your score card. We also had one prize that was top notch. So far one person from 5am has won this special prize. It was "Do 1, Get 1,000!". Yes, that lucky person had to do one Get Up in order to claim 1,000 Get Ups. They've completed their requirement for the challenge already. Other lucky people gave away Get Ups to others, earned double Get Ups, and even earned Get Ups from others in training that hour. 

Who knows what week 3 will hold. I do know that at the end of the month when you tally all your Get Ups, you'll be amazed. Even if you don't hit the 1,000 it will be awesome to see your final number. There are not a whole lot of people that can say they've done 345 Get Ups in a month, or 517, or 838. That final number represents hard work no matter what it is. 

Keep Making It Happen,

Coach Nancy


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