Mental Toughness – Extra Effort

Stress is probably the biggest thief of good health. It robs us of sooooo much. Training battles that stress physically but an emotional outlet, with plenty of sleep, and good eating also battle the effects of stress.

I don't see the stress of covid going away anytime soon. Which means we need to find peace with the plan you've put in place or others have put in place for you. (I totally get that is super easy to say and almost impossible to do) Food won't take any of that challenge away. I have heard like the Freshman 15 there are some who have put on the Covid 19. (bad play on words but you all get the point)

Here is what I would do to give us a step up when it comes to snacking less. Make snacking harder than it is now. If you have lots of snacky foods at home, get rid of them or put them in a locked box. Cover them with a pile of bricks. Make grabbing them harder or a slower process to do. You'll still want to snack, you might even unload 30 bricks on top of your favorite snack food to eat them. BUT it will give you pause and make you work for it. Dean and I purposely don't buy snack foods so that when we want them, we have to get in the car and spend a bit extra cash on them at the Circle. It works.

Health for myself and for you is what I work hard at. During Recovery Week (remember it is this week - through September 7th. Regular training starts on Tuesday after Labor Day.) come up with a plan to give yourself the edge when it comes to stress. Recovery week is deigned to take the 'Edge Off' of the work your body has put into physical training. BUT that doesn't mean you just sit around doing nothing. Here are some ideas on what you can do during this week. 

  • Sleep in a bit longer if you are a 5am peep. A little extra sleep will give you the edge up on keeping your immune system strong
  • Enjoy time with friends and family. Purposeful time. Sitting across from a person and speaking with them. (Its just not the same if you're in the same room texting)
  • Plan meals for the week. 
  • Make a new recipe you have been wanting to try
  • Take a hike 
  • Ride your bike
  • Spend time outdoors doing something you enjoy
  • Create your grocery list
  • Prep food for the week.
  • Help your kids ease back into their school routine.
  • Foam roll or stretch

The point is to spend some time purposely doing something to help you feel good or which takes stress away. Being able to do something that gives you a step up on feeling good at the same time taking stress away earns you bonus points. Everyone wants bonus points. (but don't stress about getting them. 🙂

Do you need a bit more Mental Toughness to translate into Extra Effort. Our MTXE shirt has received the most comments from any shirt we have ever designed. We used to call this the Monday morning shirt. I believe right now we need to wear resolve daily. With insight from a few peeps at 6:15am we've brought back this shirt. You'll be able to order it when you get back in September. 

Mental Toughness Extra Effort,

Coach Nancy

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