My Daughter Karalynn’s Service Trip

"You want to do what?"

"It costs what?"

Yeah, that was my dad reaction when my my 15-year old daughter KJ told me she wanted to go on a 6-week mission trip this summer, and the total cost was upwards of 5K.

Was this shy little girl (not so little anymore) really going to leave me for 6 weeks and venture out into this great big wide world by herself?

In reality, it's not even close to being by herself. To start with her cousin Jillian is raising money for the same trip. And the organization that is leading the trip and preparing these student leaders for this ministry opportunity, Reign Ministries, has really impressed me - and that ain't easy. 

I am a big believer that when a kid wants to get out from behind a device (no phones allowed on this trip!!) and train and act to serve others that ought to be encouraged. And when it's your own kid, that's like a double bonus! I'm a big believer in helping organizations that are trying to do some good in this world, and put my money where my mouth is toward those whose worldview is similar to my own. And I am also a big believer in personal responsibility and effort. if you want something to happen you have to take action to make it happen.

So yes, I will be giving to my own daughters cause. But Nancy and I made it really clear the heavy lifting was her responsibility. That includes sending out fundraising letters and following up. But it also included everybody's favorite 4 letter word.


True story. Like "get a job" work. Like, physical labor work. And I am proud to say she is all in on that too.

You see I don't have any problem giving to a worthwhile cause, but I want to see you are putting in effort to earn your own keep as well. So we laid out a plan.

First, start applying for jobs. She starts work tomorrow at Subway - Nice. 

Second, I offered to help her strip all the copper pipe and fittings out of the old house, reclaim all the electrical wire, pull out the old radiators - whatever we could demo - and sell it for scrap to raise additional funds. We started work on that last Saturday. It really tickled me to see her grab the Sawzall and sledgehammer and get to work. We have a ways to go, but I am really proud of her for diving in the way she did. I took some pics and video as actual real life proof!! 🙂

KJ doesn't know I am even writing this, so she expects absolutely nothing. And maybe that's what she'll get. 🙂

But I thought it wouldn't do any harm to do a little crowdfunding for her either, right? Here's two ways you can give her efforts a boost. 

#1)  If you'd like to directly help send KJ on her trip, you can visit the link below and select - Carlson, Kay (P009852) - as you know every bit helps.

#2) Simply click the share button and share this post. The more I can help her spread the word and share her vision the better. 

Thanks for indulging a proud dad!

- Dean

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