Spotlight is on Belinda

Hard work is HARD. (Profound I know.) Commitment, Persistence, Energy and Sweat are just part of what goes into training at Cr8 Fitness. As your coach I know what you do here is HARD work. It's supposed to be. I want that hard work to be mixed with laughter, camaraderie, jokes, and encouragement. It feels like family. 

Belinda came to Cr8 Fitness just about a year ago. After a year of training with us, she earns a spot in the Hall of Fame. You'll soon see her wearing her RED shirt that highlights this honor. Congratulate her when you see her next. Also tell her Happy Birthday. She started training with us on her birthday.

Congratulations Belinda and Happy Birthday! Here is to many more years of celebrating your birthdays with us. 

Coach Nancy

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