Spotlight on Two Sizzlin Summer Slimdown Successes

I recently caught up with two of our previous winners of S3 - "Sizzlin Summer Slimdown". While I could rave about how wonderful and beneficial a focused time on our nutrition could be, these ladies say it better. They have experienced success in many different forms. While weight loss is and was their goal, Katie and Lindsey have learned to use discipline, shop from a grocery list, use a meal plan, all of which helped them to stay the course. It also takes courage and a bit of humility to ask questions and seek help from their coach. Since they ladies came home with real live prizes, I know they took full advantage of every tool.

Current And past S3 participants are learning more than how to stick to a meal plan standard. They are learning what to do when things don't go just so, or when someone else in the house helped themselves to your meal, when a recipe needs to be doubled or how to portion it out for another day. Kitchen skills and adjusting meals to fit within S3 standards are all part of the challenge. Walking away after 6 weeks carrying less weight, feel more energized, and a whole lot happier is a bonus. 

Katie and Lindsey are already signed up and ready for this year's challenge. S3 has become a highlight of their year. I'm proud of these ladies. These ladies are stronger, healthier, and more determined because of the success they have already achieved. That is what makes me the proudest of them. They dive in with a fervency knowing they will gain even more usable knowledge than in the weight they lose each time. I can't wait to hear what they have learned, how they maneuvered their way through obstacles over the course of this challenge. 

To your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

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