The Art of Steering Through Life

My life is marked with many different scratches. Not the physical scratches you get when you scrape your car against a metal post but the emotional and mental scratches of making poor choices. Although I would like to keep these as vague memories, I know I am responsible for them. They come as a result of the difficulty of steering through life circumstances. 

I've heard it said, "I wish my kid came with an owner's manual." and even more relevant, "Its a live and learn situation, in hinds sight I would have done this much differently".

Well we don't have an owners manual for ourselves let alone anyone else. We also can't turn back the clock to do things over again differently.

Wisdom has been defined as 'the art of steering' - Gerhard Von Rad

I like that. 

As you go through life, you will need to navigate many tight situations that require great wisdom in order to avoid poor or even flat out wrong choices. 

1. Avoid Wrong Turns. Going on a binge eating spree is an example of a wrong turn. We all know that chocolate cake (an entire cake) won't give you lasting happiness, feel any better, get stronger, have more success, or beat the snot of the person who made you feel this way in the first place. It may look attractive to eat or drink __________ (you fill in the blank) but in the long run it leads to a cycle that ends in poor choices and then poor health. 

2. Choose a Good Path. Difficult times in your life can take you off course and in the wrong direction. But if you stay on the right course it will lead to greater compassion and more wisdom. 

  • The good path- since we are talking paths of health, when "life gives you lemons make lemonade". We've seen it in others. People who have had shocking health news, or a death of a loved one, a loss of job, a car accident, any situation life can thrown at us. Some people come out shining. They have followed a path that is helping them. So when life throws you challenges, think now of what you might do to stay on track. Be prepared. How can you prepare for such events? Routine and Resolve. Stay with what is working for you. Have the stick - to - itiveness that plows through the rough times. I don't always do a good job at handling crisis in the immediate sense. I tend to curl up in a ball. Yet I know in the bigger picture of things, I'm sticking to my plan of being in the best health I can to handle what life throws me. In essence I pick myself up off the floor (often with help from family and friends) and get back at it. 
  • The ungood path- (yes, I know that is not a word) Yet when life gives you lemons, and it will, don't just take it. Do something. I've' walked away from friends in the past because I didn't want to face them. I've ignored others because it made me uncomfortable. I've tried to wiggle myself out of difficulty because I didn't want to fess up. I'm human. My choices have cost me. Will your choices cost you? As a teen ager, I chose to drink myself to oblivion. I knew it wasn't a good choice but I chose it anyway. Life had given me lemons and I chose to act like they weren't there. Those choices I made then, are still costing me. 

How do you avoid Wrong Turns and also Choose the Good Path?

Use wisdom to steer through life.

 In health, having some fundamental values set in place as habits or routines will guide you through circumstances. 

Imagine this situation with me. You go on vacation and choose to eat and drink to your hearts content on the first and second day away from home. By the third day, you don't feel quite so good, your body is keeping you closer to the bathroom and you feel sluggish. Since you have built in a routine of training and eating lean protein with lots of veggies you get yourself up on the third day, eat a breakfast of a veggie omelet and then stay active. By dinner or maybe the breakfast the fourth day you're feeling yourself and you enjoy the rest of you trip. You used the principles you regularly live by to navigate and steer yourself back on course. You got yourself back on routine using the wisdom of physical activity and healthy food choices. 

This is not rocket science but set yourself up for life by gaining wisdom and allowing it to steer you to your best health. Wisdom not feelings is your guide.  

To your best health,

Coach Nancy


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