I love hearing success stories. It inspires me to dig deeper inside myself when I see others have already conquered their goals. After years of reading and hearing others succeed I've found they have 3 things in common.

Share. The first thing I have noticed about those that succeed is that they don't keep their goals to themselves. They elicit others to share in their experience. Take Jeannie for example, Jeannie told me (her coach) she had a goal of doing a Million Meters in a Year. She had already laid out a plan to accomplish her goal. I merely listened and encouraged her to tackle it. I'd be there to help. She soon told others at her 6pm training time. She asked them to ski alongside her to keep her encouraged and they did. They were sharing in her experience and in the process helping her. By one person sharing her goal, others got out of their comfort zone and pushed themselves to do just a bit more.

See. The second observation I saw was those that have experienced great success have posted their goals where they could 'see' them often. We just finished the Little Black Dress Project Challenge. During this challenge each person who posted their goals for the 4 weeks exceeded those goals. Just ask Karen, Deb, or Sue from the 9am training time. They crushed their goals. Meredith was faithful to send me her weekly progress during Little Black Dress. Here is what she had to say at the end of the Challeng; “This whole process was a really good way for me to evaluate and to put into place new routines. It allowed me to experiment and at the same time go outside my normal routine. Thanks again for running this as it was extremely beneficial.”

 You can use the same goal sheet we used during the Little Black Dress Challenge, just download it here.  These ladies took their goals seriously and made it happen.

Say. Say it out loud. Over and over goals are reached by those that are clear cut and easy to digest. "A Million Meters" - sums up Jeannie's goal. "Little Black Dress (feeling)" is Deb, Karen, Sue, and Meredith’s goal in a nut shell. How can you sum up your goal in a sentence? Be able to 'Say' it out loud. Kelly and Jill share their goals with each other. They joined Cr8 Fitness together and help each other out with their different strengths. They have also said it out loud to themselves and to others. They want to "Keep Going". They have not completed their goals yet. So "Keep Going" is their mantra.

Share, See, and Say. Do these three things after determining your goal, and watch your success rate soar!

To your best health,

Coach Nancy



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